Monday, March 5, 2018

Season of Change

Guest Blogger
I am Abigail Celeste Richardson. I am a sucker for a good sunset, and I am most happiest during a good belly laugh, although; I am learning to find my Joy in the Lord.

Hello, everyone:) I am Abigail! I often go by Abby or Abbs. Abstastic has also made an appearance recently, but call me what you’d like. Because today I come before you as a child of God who longs to share their heart.

First I want to say that I feel very inequipped or “not good enough” to be able to share my heart with you today, because as I begin to put my thoughts into words all the imperfections and inconsistancies in my life begin to come to mind. But one of my favorite things about God is that it is not my job to be perfect, qualified, or holy enough, because that is Jesus’ job.

I am a junior in high school and as my senior year approaches fear seems to come along for the ride 90% of the time. All of this fear revolves around change. I hate change! I have always been one to try and dodge change- to do anything in my power to stay away from having to go through change. But unfortunately in this season of change I cannot be rescued and I cannot sidestep the issue. This is my future we are talking about, and no matter how much I want to stop time to avoid my fears, the clock just keeps ticking.

So for anyone who may be going through a season of change I want to referre back to that loving God I was talking about earlier… the God I have learned to love. Not the God the world imagines, sitting on His throne ready to strike anyone who takes one wrong move. No. I am referring to the God who literally risk everything knowing all He would get in return was rejection and failure. Because lets be honest us humans have become quite good at those two things.

One thing that God has been teaching and continues to teach me is that it is not my problem to figure out every step I am to take in life because this is not my story. This is God’s story, and I simply have the privilege to play a part in advancing his kingdom. Therefore, I am simply along for the ride, chasing after Jesus, and trusting him that he will lead me to places I could never imagine myself going in my own strength. Because as I said earlier I am a very imperfect and flawed human, but my God is bigger. He is bigger than fear, and so are his plans for me.(psalm 122: 8-9)

So as all the titles of “what do you want to become when you graduate?” begin to flood my mind, I have to remind myself who I truly am. Or rather whose I truly am- I am God’s beloved. This is the reality I will set my mind and soul upon because one day this job and life that I am now beginning to think about and explore will fail me. It will come to an end. But my identity in the one who made me… that is eternal.

So I pray that at the end of my life’s little journey here on earth, that I look back and see a life lived beautifully. A life lived with intentionality, purpose, and most importantly a life where I walked each step following after my Jesus who goes before me. Stepping into his sure footprints with my wavering feet knowing that with every step I am headed toward a life worth living. A beautiful, authentic, wonderful life. A life wholly for Jesus.

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