Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dear Daughter

To my Daughter,

Today is your Daddy's birthday.  Literally it is in the wee hours of the morning, the house is quiet, and somehow I feel as though the greatest present that I could give to your Daddy would be this letter that I am writing to you.  It seems strange, I am aware of that, but hopefully you will understand by the time I reach the end.  
You are 13 now, I can hardly type it without tearing up, what can I say you are my first teenager.  This was not suppose to happen this fast and I feel utterly unprepared.  I walk into your room many nights to find you sleeping soundly. I cannot help but notice the length of your body that now nearly reaches the end where it once was simply a tiny lump lost in a sea of blankets.  I will lay my hand on your head and go to talking with my Lord.  Talking, pleading, asking, seeking. In these moments I relate to Solomon so deeply where a thirst for wisdom seems to be my greatest request.

When you were but an infant I remember imagining what you would be like.  Will you love sports or perhaps music, will you be a cheerleader or quite possibly a ballerina?  I will be your biggest fan, I thought.  And make no mistake I find great joy in watching you use your talents for the Lord. But my heart and soul craves something so much greater for you, greater than any accomplishment or accolade, greater than any amount of success or significance.  I pray that you will have a heart that chases after God and all the pureness of a life lived in pursuit of Him.  Let this pursuit begin at the feet of your Daddy as he points you to your Father.

Your Daddy was the first person to hold you as you entered this world, entrusted by The Father to be your protector, your rock, your first love.  This will be his job until that day comes when you take on a new name and it is then and only then that he will allow another to take his place.  The seriousness of this job description is likely to occasionally present itself to be frustrating to you. You may mistake his love for "rules" and his discipline as harsh, but my dear, no one will love you greater.  When the answer is "no", it is for your good and when you catch him reading your texts one day just smile and remind yourself how blessed you are to have a dad that cares.  A dad that wants to guide your heart to a place that knows what true love looks like, because he has experienced it.  A dad that wants to prepare your heart, long before a gentlemen comes on the scene, so that no one can come in and steal what is not theirs to obtain.  A dad that has prayed from your birth for the man who will one day take his place.  
Your Heavenly Father was your creator, He knew you before you ever breathed your first breath.
He is your maker, sustainer, redeemer, and friend. This is who He has always been and forever will be.  The seriousness of His power and love will likely change your life in ways you cannot even begin to ask for, but even still there will be times that you mistake his love for "rules" and his discipline as harsh, but my sweet daughter, no one will love you greater.  When the answer is "no" it is for your good and when you allow him into the depths of your soul be still and listen to what He has to say.  He longs that you will have life and have it abundantly.  In His infinite love He granted us this beautiful gift called marriage. It is within this beautiful design that we get to experience a love that is the closest thing this side of heaven to the love of our Father.  Your dad and I have shared in this love and it is more than worth the wait.  Nearly 16 years in and I feel as though we are just beginning to bask into all the beauty that a God centered marriage has to offer.  The world will minimize this gift and the world will minimize your worth, but my daughter lest you not forget that you were bought by
the precious blood of the lamb. My love, this makes you a daughter of the King.  The world and all its splendor can never take that away from you. 

As a young lady in waiting seek wisdom with all of your heart.  Sit at the feet of your Daddy and your Father basking in their love as you grow into a woman who fears the Lord.  Yes I know that you are not into boys yet, so you say, but there will come a day.  When that day comes, trust your Daddy as he is being led by your Father to pursue any and all modes of protecting your heart.  Trust the Holy Spirit within you that will guide you into all truth and wait patiently for the kind of man that will protect your heart just like your daddy, but that will love you the way your Father loves.

On this special day that means so much to our family, take great joy in the bond that you share with your Daddy.  Love him like never before and thank God for his pursuit of preparing your heart for true love.  

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