Tuesday, July 26, 2016


 What do you see when you look at this picture?  If you would have asked me this question a few years ago I would have answered it completely different.  I would have immediately noticed the flaw, the imperfection, the less than desirable complexion, and most assuredly I would have spent lots of time and energy attempting to cover it up.  As it stands with most of our flaws, whether seen or unseen, we almost instinctively tend to seek cover.  This is where the battle of the mind and soul begins, it is in the covering that Satan does his best work.  However, the cover that we so often seek is counterfeit, it is cheap, flimsy, and unable to protect.  
     When I first developed vitiligo I was devastated, I researched and researched hoping there was some miracle cure out there that I had yet to discover.  When all that I could find was camouflage make-up I resorted to attempting to cover each and every spot morning after morning just hoping that it was not too obvious, but knowing deep down that it was.  I loathed the summers because it meant hiding under an umbrella when all of my friends were sunbathing and becoming bronzed beauties. I had to layer on the sunscreen day after day and simple things that brought me joy like mowing the lawn in my tank top feeling the warmth of the sun on my back had now become a dreaded sweat fest as I would now need long sleeves and hats.  I hated it.  Not to mention the stares, the questions, or the insecurity that I developed.  It greatly altered the way that I viewed myself.  I wanted cover.  
      Humans have been seeking cover since the beginning of time, but quite often we find ourselves looking in the wrong places.  Every time I read Genesis chapter 3 I find it almost humorous that Adam and Eve's choice of "covering" were fig leaves.  I mean exactly how far were they going to get on fig leaves?  I itch just thinking about it, serioulsy imagine one wrong turn into a thorn bush, ouch! Desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose.  Just like that horrid orange "camouflage" make-up that was suppose to look natural, but instead just made me look like I had leprosy.  
      Adam and Eve's story did not end with the fig leaves and mine did not end with crappy make-up, excuse my language, but some things just are what they are.  I had become so familiar with the story of Adam and Eve that for years I missed the most amazing part. We can easily recall the fall of man, the curse, and their removal from the garden, but read with me, Chapter 3:21, "And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them."  WOW!!! This blows me away, completely away, totally and utterly amazing.  Which would you prefer as cover; fig leaves or SKIN?  It was no accident that God chose to cover them with skin.  SKIN is durable, SKIN is thick, SKIN is strong, SKIN covering requires blood to be shed.  Jesus Christ' flesh and blood would one day become our own covering.  The only covering that will ever suffice our brokenness, our sins, or our flaws.  There is no sin, no insecurity, no situation, no amount of pain that cannot be covered by Jesus.  He is our covering today and forever.  He is the only covering!
 So you ask, what do I see when I look at that picture?  

I see a heart.  I see the evidence of my "COVERER" even in the midst of my insecurity.  I see an opportunity to sit on a swing with a girl who has her own insecurities and share my journey with her.  I see an opportunity to share one of my own flaws in hopes that someone else might recognize the flaw in their own life and not run to the fig leaf, but instead to the SKIN covering, JESUS.  I am still insecure about it at times, and that is ok.  Insecurities will always be among us in some form or fashion, we are not weak because we have them, we are only weak when we attempt to cover them up with cheap make-up.  If you see me out and about you will most likely see my imperfect skin, because I no longer hide it.  It is crazy because I actually get excited when someone asks me about it, because it is an open door to talk about my great coverer, JESUS.  Whatever or wherever your struggle is today, whatever the insecurity, whatever the pain do not run to the fig leaves, they will never last and will continue to need replacing.  RUN TO JESUS and allow HIM to be your cover.           

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  1. So proud of you sister. You are so beautiful inside and out! Love you


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