Monday, May 25, 2015

The Days When No One Was Allowed to Make A Mistake

I have thought about for many years now how difficult it is being a part of and raising children during the 24 hr news, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blah, blah, blah time period. It really is quite amazing how critical we have become. It is a two fold issue. On one hand we have to look at all the self promoting, self proclaimed "perfect" people. And on the other hand we see the demoralizing destruction of those who have been "busted" for not being so perfect. The funny part is we have actually begun to believe that perfect people exist. We elevate people to God status. We especially expect those in the public eye to say exactly the right words at all times and never ever make wrong decisions as they live their lives. And if these people make a bad decision we immediately demand a resignation or some form of severe punishment. We take snippets of people's lives (that either they or someone else choose to give us) and we conjure up in our own minds who we believe these people really are. We have never met them, never lived a day of life in their shoes, and in most cases never even been in the same town as those we think we know so much about. We sit at our computers either waiting with drool for someone to mess up or ready to look at ourselves in a negative light because we don't measure up to the "perfect" ones. I'm not sure how to tell my children about the way our culture views people in general. I think what I want to remind them of is that people are people. They mess up. They will have insecurities no matter what they try to portray. They will say things they shouldn't. They will do things they shouldn't. We all do!! In this age of social and regular media scrutiny it is easy to sit behind our phones, TVs, or computers and judge people for the mistakes they make or idolize those who hide theirs better. What's funny about this is that we all mess up and we spend massive amounts of energy trying to cover up our own mistakes and insecurities. Every single person on the face of the planet has messed up in both word and deed. We all are quick to identify and criticize someone else's errors but want only grace when it Comes to our own. As I move forward in this time period I vow to show grace when it would be easier to accuse. I vow to look for the positive when the negative is so much easier to see. I vow to love when hate reigns. I vow to encourage and not critique. I vow to remember that no one is perfect. Maybe if I live my life in this manner my children will grow up to be generous, loving, gracious, imperfect human beings. 
-Melissa Adkins

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