Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Table

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It is easy to get caught up,
Especially this time of year,
In all the little details,
That we think will bring us cheer.

In our rush to make things perfect,
With our tables set just right,
We sometimes miss the greatest treasures right before our eyes.

Do not miss the little smiles,
The smells, the jokes, the laughs.
Soak in all the faces,
And remember Thanksgivings past.

Who is around your table today,
That was not there before.
And who would you give your last piece of pie if they were joining you once more.

Granddaddy, I will miss your laugh,
Your whiskers and your prayer.
Nanny, your stories will never leave me,
I will carry them everywhere.

I will long for the day we will gather again,
At a table much grander than mine.
The scene wil be amazing,
And the host will be divine.

No one will be missed,
And our hearts will be complete.
It is sure to be the greatest Thanksgiving the world has ever seen.

So as you awake this Thanksgiving day,
I'll leave you with one thought.

The rolls may burn,
The crust may crack,
And the dressing could be dry,
But none of this will matter,
If our hearts are set on high.
-Jil Dasher

In loving memory of two special people that I lost (temporarily) this year.  Fred Duke and Edith Galloway left legacies of love and faith. On this Thanksgiving Day and many days to come I will cherish their memories and take comfort in the fact that we will meet again.

I love you all and wish you a wonderful day of Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

What's your Angle?

10:48 AM 1

oops, that angle's not gonna work:/
  If I've heard the word angle one time, I have heard it a thousand times over the past week.  Yeah, so Zach and I along with our fab four kiddos decided to embark upon an adventure unheard of in the Dasher family.  We decided to forgo a relaxing vacation cuddled in a cabin atop the beautiful Ozark Mountains for a week spent in our own home loaded down with buzz saws and hammers all in an effort to build "The Dasher Family Treehouse."  The reason this project is unheard of is simple, we (Zach and I) do not so much as hang a curtain rod up without some sort of catastrophe taking place.  However in my mind I had created some Norman Rockwell version of what this week was sure to look like.  Zach trading in his suit for his camo and tool belt (although we've never owned a tool belt,)  the kids with their own set of tools patiently waiting for their turn to help, and I would be ever so busy cooking all of their favorite meals while also assisting my hunk of a man in his sure to be "effortless" attempt at a simple a-frame treehouse.  Ha!  Well lets just say there is a reason Norman Rockwell was a painter instead of a nonfiction writer.  Oh but if somehow he could have captured our five days of project treehouse into a novel it would likely be one of a kind, no doubt.  
     If you are hoping to see the end product at the conclusion of this blog you would be out of luck, because, well, we just haven't finished yet.  Only The Good Lord knows if we ever will, but you can rest assured that we are not giving up.  Each morning that went by I would wake up, fix our coffee while the house was still quiet, and stare out the window to evaluate the treehouse.  I would imagine what it was going to look like once it was finished, I would picture the kids hanging off the sides, and wonder what color I should attempt to persuade them to paint it.  I remember there were two days out of the five that I saw no real change in this treehouse of ours (ill explain) and as I would stare out my window on those mornings I felt a little tinge of defeat like somehow it just wasn't going to come together.  Apparently calculating angles is a little harder than it looks and we may or may not have wasted more than a few boards trying to figure them out.  That's all I am going to say about those two days, that's just it, you will have to imagine yourself the different expressions of emotions with every board cut a little too short, too long, too wide, too awkward, it's too cold, and I am too tired of this stinking treehouse.  Day five, however, brought about a new change and along with that came a new sense of accomplishment, we ended the day with a framed up A-Frame treehouse.  It may sound crazy but I love our unfinished treehouse.
Just imagine how cute it's gonna be one day

     I love it because it reminds me that I am unfinished, I am incomplete, my children are works in progress, and my husband is a masterpiece with a few skewed angles.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the finished product, or rather what we think the finished product is suppose to look like that we miss so many life lessons along the way.  Had it not been for the 10 mis-cut boards ( I mean maybe 10) I would never have a framed up treehouse that holds so much potential, promise, and memories that will surely number in the thousands.  What's your angle?  How much time do you spend living in guilt or condemnation because your family, marriage, children, or YOU haven't quite arrived at the point of perfection you had always hoped for or imagined.  How much time do spend evaluating the lives of others only to take yourself down a path of self-doubt where you are convinced that somehow everyone else has it together and your life resembles a pile of mis-cut angles fit for the burn pile.  I have traveled that path many of times and the funny thing about that path is that not once, not once did it take me to a place where I was glorifying God.  NEWS FLASH: you are a pile of mis-cut angles and so am I, and so is every human being who has ever walked the face of this planet, minus ONE I might add.  It was with a pile of mis-cut angles set aside for the burn pile that built a wooden cross.  That wooden cross was carried up the hill of Golgotha by a man who would then plead for all the "discarded" ones.  He was laughed at, mocked, and thought to be crazy.  After all, who would give their life for the "scrap pile" a bunch of mess ups that would never amount to anything.  Jesus Christ would.  This man is still pulling boards out of that scrap pile and turning them into masterpieces fit for a King, completely unrecognizable from their original state.  


Some may look at this pile of wood and simply see scraps from a lost congressional campaign and torn down signs.  Me, I see a wonderful reminder of my savior.  I love pulling in my driveway to see it shine in the night skyl.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ then rejoice because He has pulled you from the scrap pile and is making you into something amazing.  You are not complete, however, and that is ok.  The path to that final completed project is a process and sometimes one that leaves us with a mis-cut angle or two and sets us back a couple of days.  Many times through our greatest losses or failed attempts or down right bad days it is through those times that the greatest work is taking place within us.  I can attest to this in my own life and although the process can at times be painful, when I reach the other side of the trial I am always better off than I was before.  I love this verse in phillipians 1:6, "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."  Are you confident that these words are true?  Do you believe the word when it tells you that "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit that gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.  For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering" Romans 8:1-3.  Jesus Christ is making all of our angles straight.  He is taking our mess and making something beautiful.  He is completing you, he is completing me, and I excitedly await for that wonderful day of completion.  Kinda pumped to see my treehouse finished too, baby steps.
I think Zach has more messed up angles than I do.  JUST KIDDING


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Press On

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Our hearts are overjoyed at the blessing of love represented in this room
     As I type the first words of this post I am overcome with emotions.  Not with sadness or sorrow, but with an overwhelming thankfulness for the blessing of relationships.  The image that keeps playing over and over in my mind is that of a room full of our dearest family and friends who welcomed us with shouts and cheers of joy as we came in the room to give our, how do you say it, "we lost" speech.  I looked out in to the crowd and saw dear friends who were with us to welcome each one of our four children into this world.  I saw their children standing close by with smiles on their faces that seemed to say "you are winners in our eyes."  I saw women who have mentored me, lead me, and encouraged me along my walk with Christ and I saw men who have stood by my husband in times of great joy as well as times of uncertainty.  I have read through hundreds of messages and prayers that have been sent to us from all over the country and with tears streaming down my face I realize that we are part of a kingdom of believers who have already won the race.  
     Zach and I drove home together in a quiet car last night as the kids had left a little earlier with my parents.  I looked over at the man that I have been married to for nearly 14 years and as I grabbed his hand he looked at me and smiled "I'm ok, are you?" "yep." I don't believe there has ever been a time that I have been more proud of him.  I could hardly speak, but all I could do was praise God for sending me a man like Zach Dasher.  A perfect man, he is not, but one with integrity, passion, and true conviction he is undoubtedly.  As I listened to his closing speech last night I was reminded what this journey was all about.  It was never about us, never about Zach Dasher, never about our agenda, but I am convinced that this day and time was ordained by God for His glory and purposes that far exceed anything that we could imagine.
     We pulled into the Wendy's drive thru around 12:00am because I don't believe either of us had eaten in the past couple of days and without skipping a beat Zach began to tell the two drive thru attendants about his loss in the congressional race.  "Hold you head up high" they said, "absolutely" he replied "because God is good, do y'all know Him?"  "Yes sir, yes sir," they both respectfully said with big smiles on their faces and Zach told them to never forget how much God loved them.  As we drove off a peace swept over me like never before and I knew that we were resting safe inside the will of God.
What now?
We will "press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus" Phil 3:14     

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