Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The minivan has never been so exhausted...

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A typical day on the campaign trail
 Gonna keep this one short and sweet, mainly because this whirlwind that I call life has morphed into a three ring circus, seriously I think I would laugh at myself (or cry) if I could watch it all from a distance.   At the start of this congressional race we were prepared for change and knew that it was coming, but nothing could have possibly prepared me or my washing machine for the likes of the past few months.  We decided from the very beginning that if we were to embark upon this journey that we would do it together and for the most part we have.  Traveled together, campaigned together, attended forums, festivals, and a met some amazing people and organizations along the way.  But when I tell you that my laundry room is out of control, I mean it is OUT OF CONTROL!  How do people do it? I refuse to admit defeat, but I am defeated, did I just admit that?  Sure we started this journey with all the kids matching in their white polished polos and now Im just praying that their high waters do not show their mismatched socks or that they did in fact find a clean pair of underwear.  Sometimes it's just better not to know;)

     A Few things I have learned thus far on the Campaign Trail

1. Louisiana is oozing with culture and the little towns along the way have taken me back to a time and place where the simple things made this world go round.  St. Francisville is one of those places and the store called Grandmother's Buttons is a hidden jewel that I would encourage you to visit and check out their story.

2. School can take place anytime, anywhere, and sometimes the greatest learning experiences occur when you least expect it.  God has had to gently (sometimes not so gently) teach me that adhering to my routine is never more important than loving people.

3. I have learned the power of words.  Stepping out in faith with a message and philosophy that everyone is not going to agree with comes with criticism, yet knowing that it will come and experiencing it are quite different.  My husband handles it so amazingly, yet if I could I would invite every one of them to my home for a table talk discussion and a meal in hopes that they would see and know our hearts.  I suppose it is easy to be cruel behind the likes of a computer screen without having to face the soul of the person.  On that same note, the power of positive words is exhilarating and contagious and I would love to personally thank all the hundreds of people that are daily speaking encouragement into our lives.  We are eternally grateful for you and emboldened by your words.

4.  The campaign trail does not allow for many date nights.  So I have learned how to express my love and share little moments of flirtation even among large groups of people on the other side of the room.  I have realized that I am Zach's biggest cheerleader and that he needs my affirmation above anyones else's.  So we have developed our own love language that consist of several different winks, smiles, and nudges here and there.  There is a lot of power behind a look of affirmation ladies:)
Thank you Zach for being so handsome and thank you Target for my $24 dress

5. Home is wherever the six of us are.  We love Louisiana and we love you!

Well six plus some favorites we've adopted along the way;)


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