Friday, August 1, 2014

Anchor for the Soul

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     Just so you know I have started to write exactly 5 post since my last published blog approximately a month and a half ago.  Your husband announces that he is running for congress and all of a sudden you become super duper analytical about every word you type.  The only way I know how to write is to lay it all out on the table and somehow I have allowed Satan to get in this head of mine and with every topic I take to pen (type) he is right there to tell me "not good enough."  Well today he loses, because I already know I am not good enough, but lucky for me I am deeply loved by someone who is more than good enough.  He is my "anchor for the soul."  "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf,"  Hebrews 6:19.  If you take nothing from this post today, take that, Jesus is your forerunner entering on your behalf.  And you may be like me, shifting, swaying, confused at times, unsure at times, unloving at times, struggling with doubt or fear, anger or depression, but  He is unshakeable, unmovable, unchangeable, He is an ANCHOR.  

     This verse gives me peace in my soul and confidence in my step, because not only do I really believe it, I also become alarmingly aware that I am literally at a lose without Jesus.  When I am attempting to float through this life on my own efforts or good works I run out of breath faster than a gallon of milk in a house with 4 boys.  Yet when I trust that the anchor is going to work and I throw it out of the boat then I am able to weather the storms as well as the seasons of blessing with a firm grasp of the man behind it all.  He is our anchor in times of trouble, but he is also our anchor in times of great blessing.  I make a point to say this because it is something that has been a struggle of mine throughout this campaign or rather through life in general.  On days or moments (because sometimes it's moment to moment) where I feel down after reading nasty comments directed at my husband it is so easy to turn to God, after "Momma Bear" settles down of course, and to find comfort in the scriptures.  I often find myself in Hebrews, "So we can confidently say, "The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?" 13:6.  I talk to the Father and once again find peace.  He stills my mind and reminds me to trust Him in this time and place.  
     However, it is the days that are flooded with praise that often times become a source of greater struggle.  It is these days that I often forget the source of all things good.  I forget that everything good comes from the Father, I forget that Zach, myself, and our family are merely tools created to bring glory to God.  If not careful one could actually end up thinking that it is about them, their ability, their talents, their "togetherness."  Not saying that I have ever been guilty of this, no, actually that is precisely what I am saying.  In fact, I think this is something a lot of christians struggle with or else I would have just kept this one to myself.  So whats the answer to this conundrum?  I have come up with two solutions for myself and tested them both.  Solution #1 - Refrain from using the talents God has blessed you with out of fear of becoming spiritually arrogant or a "for show" christian.  Solution #2 - Realize that you were created for a purpose.  That purpose is to bring glory to God though every means that you have been gifted with as boldly as possible.  To also realize that while doing this you may at times confuse the glory of God with your own glory and it is at that moment that you fall before The Father, admit the idol of self seeking or pride, and it is He that will deliver you time and time again and send you back to the fold to proclaim His glory.  I am choosing solution #2!! What about you? To God be the Glory! 
Love y'all,



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