Sunday, May 18, 2014

Changing Perspectives

Mom & Laela Night
     Well it was an eventful week around the Dasher household and I must say thank you to all of you who sent such kind messages about the "house project."  I never imagined one post would actually produce so many potential buyers, wow, sure wish I would have waited to spend all that money to have it listed online.  You live and learn folks.  I look forward to keeping you updated on all the events surrounding the Dasher family and where the next chapter of our lives may send us, but for now since I am still unsure where that road is going to lead, I will fill you in on a little "Moms Night Out."
     Yep, some girlfriends and a few of our daughters hit the theatre last night to see "Moms Night Out" and let me just tell you that my abs are soar today, because I laughed my head off, literally, Patricia Heaton, you rock and Sarah Drew, I am so jealous of you!!  If only they would have asked me to play that role, I mean seriously, I blog and I drive a minivan:)  The kicker to the whole night was at the end of the movie after we dropped off all of our friends when Laela looks at me and says, "Mom, doesn't that movie make you feel better, see, your not the only one."  I about choked on a popcorn kernel that was still stuck in my tooth.  The truth is, I was thinking the whole time, I am so glad she got the chance to see that her mommy isn't the only stressed out and at times a little crazy one out there.  Yes I know it is just a movie, but hey, to a 10 year old might as well be fact.  
     The truth is, it was so refreshing to watch a movie that actually painted motherhood as it is (for the most part) and not some hallmark card with a lot of warm fuzzy lines that all make us cry, but ultimately end up in the trash or stuffed in a ziplock bag with all of our other warm fuzzy cards that we somehow have convinced ourselves that we might sit down and read again one day, except we never quite get around to it.  I am not in any way downing hallmark or warm fuzzy cards, Lord knows I have dreamed of working for Hallmark and writing cards my whole life, but lets face it my house rarely looks like a "Hallmark" moment.  That is what I loved the most about this movie and the message behind it.  There was no fairytale ending moment where everything fell into place and all of a sudden mom and dad were perfect and perfectly happy.  Instead, it was a matter of changing perspective.  Mom looked around and saw her life with a whole new set of eyes.  She saw the blessings and yes she even saw the imperfections, but instead of punishing herself for the lack of "having it all together" she is content to be imperfect.  My entire life I have never been content with being imperfect, but the crazy thing is, it has gotten me no where!  I am still IMPERFECT.

- Do you punish yourself when you have a bad "mommy" day?  You put yourself at the bottom of the "best mom in the world list" and vow to work like the dickens to make it back up to #1
- Do you compare yourself to everyone around you only to convince yourself that somehow you do not measure up.
-Do you have an unrealistic expectation of what your life is suppose to look like, are you expecting "hallmark moments?"

     I have done all of these things and still do at times, but I have adopted a policy that has changed my life forever and it is called "Vulnerability."  Satan hates this word and he despises when we apply it to our lives.  I gave up on perfection a long time ago, because lets face it, it was never gonna work out for me.  Not only did I give up on perfection personally, but I also gave up on "perceived perfection," thats for the birds.  I do not want to be perceived as "having it all together," that's way too much pressure and then what happens when you are caught on a bad day?  In fact, I relish in being open about all the embarrassing things about my life, be it parenting mishaps, marriage struggles, or discontentments that pop up here and there because I am very aware of when Satan gets that foothold.  It is never when I am on my knees confessing my struggles, but it is always when I am standing up straight, tall, and proud all in an effort to obtain something that I was never created to be able to obtain, less the cross be diminished of its power.  I don't know about you, but I need all the power that the cross has provided freely.  You are good enough because at the very beginning of time you were created in the very image of the Almighty God and set above all other creatures to have dominion over the earth.  That's enough.  Change your perspective today.

P.S. If they do a sequel I will be expecting a casting call;)     

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  1. I was so blessed to be able to see Mom's Night Out with my hubby then again with the gals from church. I laughed harder than I had in ages, cried buckets of tears and left -both times- inspired and encouraged. I definitely have "moments" and have them way to often. But I am learning that I can still praise God in my mess and that I am still a good mom even in my mess.


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