Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Table

12:28 AM 4
It is easy to get caught up,
Especially this time of year,
In all the little details,
That we think will bring us cheer.

In our rush to make things perfect,
With our tables set just right,
We sometimes miss the greatest treasures right before our eyes.

Do not miss the little smiles,
The smells, the jokes, the laughs.
Soak in all the faces,
And remember Thanksgivings past.

Who is around your table today,
That was not there before.
And who would you give your last piece of pie if they were joining you once more.

Granddaddy, I will miss your laugh,
Your whiskers and your prayer.
Nanny, your stories will never leave me,
I will carry them everywhere.

I will long for the day we will gather again,
At a table much grander than mine.
The scene wil be amazing,
And the host will be divine.

No one will be missed,
And our hearts will be complete.
It is sure to be the greatest Thanksgiving the world has ever seen.

So as you awake this Thanksgiving day,
I'll leave you with one thought.

The rolls may burn,
The crust may crack,
And the dressing could be dry,
But none of this will matter,
If our hearts are set on high.
-Jil Dasher

In loving memory of two special people that I lost (temporarily) this year.  Fred Duke and Edith Galloway left legacies of love and faith. On this Thanksgiving Day and many days to come I will cherish their memories and take comfort in the fact that we will meet again.

I love you all and wish you a wonderful day of Thanksgiving!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

What's your Angle?

10:48 AM 1

oops, that angle's not gonna work:/
  If I've heard the word angle one time, I have heard it a thousand times over the past week.  Yeah, so Zach and I along with our fab four kiddos decided to embark upon an adventure unheard of in the Dasher family.  We decided to forgo a relaxing vacation cuddled in a cabin atop the beautiful Ozark Mountains for a week spent in our own home loaded down with buzz saws and hammers all in an effort to build "The Dasher Family Treehouse."  The reason this project is unheard of is simple, we (Zach and I) do not so much as hang a curtain rod up without some sort of catastrophe taking place.  However in my mind I had created some Norman Rockwell version of what this week was sure to look like.  Zach trading in his suit for his camo and tool belt (although we've never owned a tool belt,)  the kids with their own set of tools patiently waiting for their turn to help, and I would be ever so busy cooking all of their favorite meals while also assisting my hunk of a man in his sure to be "effortless" attempt at a simple a-frame treehouse.  Ha!  Well lets just say there is a reason Norman Rockwell was a painter instead of a nonfiction writer.  Oh but if somehow he could have captured our five days of project treehouse into a novel it would likely be one of a kind, no doubt.  
     If you are hoping to see the end product at the conclusion of this blog you would be out of luck, because, well, we just haven't finished yet.  Only The Good Lord knows if we ever will, but you can rest assured that we are not giving up.  Each morning that went by I would wake up, fix our coffee while the house was still quiet, and stare out the window to evaluate the treehouse.  I would imagine what it was going to look like once it was finished, I would picture the kids hanging off the sides, and wonder what color I should attempt to persuade them to paint it.  I remember there were two days out of the five that I saw no real change in this treehouse of ours (ill explain) and as I would stare out my window on those mornings I felt a little tinge of defeat like somehow it just wasn't going to come together.  Apparently calculating angles is a little harder than it looks and we may or may not have wasted more than a few boards trying to figure them out.  That's all I am going to say about those two days, that's just it, you will have to imagine yourself the different expressions of emotions with every board cut a little too short, too long, too wide, too awkward, it's too cold, and I am too tired of this stinking treehouse.  Day five, however, brought about a new change and along with that came a new sense of accomplishment, we ended the day with a framed up A-Frame treehouse.  It may sound crazy but I love our unfinished treehouse.
Just imagine how cute it's gonna be one day

     I love it because it reminds me that I am unfinished, I am incomplete, my children are works in progress, and my husband is a masterpiece with a few skewed angles.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the finished product, or rather what we think the finished product is suppose to look like that we miss so many life lessons along the way.  Had it not been for the 10 mis-cut boards ( I mean maybe 10) I would never have a framed up treehouse that holds so much potential, promise, and memories that will surely number in the thousands.  What's your angle?  How much time do you spend living in guilt or condemnation because your family, marriage, children, or YOU haven't quite arrived at the point of perfection you had always hoped for or imagined.  How much time do spend evaluating the lives of others only to take yourself down a path of self-doubt where you are convinced that somehow everyone else has it together and your life resembles a pile of mis-cut angles fit for the burn pile.  I have traveled that path many of times and the funny thing about that path is that not once, not once did it take me to a place where I was glorifying God.  NEWS FLASH: you are a pile of mis-cut angles and so am I, and so is every human being who has ever walked the face of this planet, minus ONE I might add.  It was with a pile of mis-cut angles set aside for the burn pile that built a wooden cross.  That wooden cross was carried up the hill of Golgotha by a man who would then plead for all the "discarded" ones.  He was laughed at, mocked, and thought to be crazy.  After all, who would give their life for the "scrap pile" a bunch of mess ups that would never amount to anything.  Jesus Christ would.  This man is still pulling boards out of that scrap pile and turning them into masterpieces fit for a King, completely unrecognizable from their original state.  


Some may look at this pile of wood and simply see scraps from a lost congressional campaign and torn down signs.  Me, I see a wonderful reminder of my savior.  I love pulling in my driveway to see it shine in the night skyl.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ then rejoice because He has pulled you from the scrap pile and is making you into something amazing.  You are not complete, however, and that is ok.  The path to that final completed project is a process and sometimes one that leaves us with a mis-cut angle or two and sets us back a couple of days.  Many times through our greatest losses or failed attempts or down right bad days it is through those times that the greatest work is taking place within us.  I can attest to this in my own life and although the process can at times be painful, when I reach the other side of the trial I am always better off than I was before.  I love this verse in phillipians 1:6, "being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."  Are you confident that these words are true?  Do you believe the word when it tells you that "Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit that gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.  For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering" Romans 8:1-3.  Jesus Christ is making all of our angles straight.  He is taking our mess and making something beautiful.  He is completing you, he is completing me, and I excitedly await for that wonderful day of completion.  Kinda pumped to see my treehouse finished too, baby steps.
I think Zach has more messed up angles than I do.  JUST KIDDING


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Press On

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Our hearts are overjoyed at the blessing of love represented in this room
     As I type the first words of this post I am overcome with emotions.  Not with sadness or sorrow, but with an overwhelming thankfulness for the blessing of relationships.  The image that keeps playing over and over in my mind is that of a room full of our dearest family and friends who welcomed us with shouts and cheers of joy as we came in the room to give our, how do you say it, "we lost" speech.  I looked out in to the crowd and saw dear friends who were with us to welcome each one of our four children into this world.  I saw their children standing close by with smiles on their faces that seemed to say "you are winners in our eyes."  I saw women who have mentored me, lead me, and encouraged me along my walk with Christ and I saw men who have stood by my husband in times of great joy as well as times of uncertainty.  I have read through hundreds of messages and prayers that have been sent to us from all over the country and with tears streaming down my face I realize that we are part of a kingdom of believers who have already won the race.  
     Zach and I drove home together in a quiet car last night as the kids had left a little earlier with my parents.  I looked over at the man that I have been married to for nearly 14 years and as I grabbed his hand he looked at me and smiled "I'm ok, are you?" "yep." I don't believe there has ever been a time that I have been more proud of him.  I could hardly speak, but all I could do was praise God for sending me a man like Zach Dasher.  A perfect man, he is not, but one with integrity, passion, and true conviction he is undoubtedly.  As I listened to his closing speech last night I was reminded what this journey was all about.  It was never about us, never about Zach Dasher, never about our agenda, but I am convinced that this day and time was ordained by God for His glory and purposes that far exceed anything that we could imagine.
     We pulled into the Wendy's drive thru around 12:00am because I don't believe either of us had eaten in the past couple of days and without skipping a beat Zach began to tell the two drive thru attendants about his loss in the congressional race.  "Hold you head up high" they said, "absolutely" he replied "because God is good, do y'all know Him?"  "Yes sir, yes sir," they both respectfully said with big smiles on their faces and Zach told them to never forget how much God loved them.  As we drove off a peace swept over me like never before and I knew that we were resting safe inside the will of God.
What now?
We will "press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus" Phil 3:14     

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The minivan has never been so exhausted...

11:44 AM 0
A typical day on the campaign trail
 Gonna keep this one short and sweet, mainly because this whirlwind that I call life has morphed into a three ring circus, seriously I think I would laugh at myself (or cry) if I could watch it all from a distance.   At the start of this congressional race we were prepared for change and knew that it was coming, but nothing could have possibly prepared me or my washing machine for the likes of the past few months.  We decided from the very beginning that if we were to embark upon this journey that we would do it together and for the most part we have.  Traveled together, campaigned together, attended forums, festivals, and a met some amazing people and organizations along the way.  But when I tell you that my laundry room is out of control, I mean it is OUT OF CONTROL!  How do people do it? I refuse to admit defeat, but I am defeated, did I just admit that?  Sure we started this journey with all the kids matching in their white polished polos and now Im just praying that their high waters do not show their mismatched socks or that they did in fact find a clean pair of underwear.  Sometimes it's just better not to know;)

     A Few things I have learned thus far on the Campaign Trail

1. Louisiana is oozing with culture and the little towns along the way have taken me back to a time and place where the simple things made this world go round.  St. Francisville is one of those places and the store called Grandmother's Buttons is a hidden jewel that I would encourage you to visit and check out their story.

2. School can take place anytime, anywhere, and sometimes the greatest learning experiences occur when you least expect it.  God has had to gently (sometimes not so gently) teach me that adhering to my routine is never more important than loving people.

3. I have learned the power of words.  Stepping out in faith with a message and philosophy that everyone is not going to agree with comes with criticism, yet knowing that it will come and experiencing it are quite different.  My husband handles it so amazingly, yet if I could I would invite every one of them to my home for a table talk discussion and a meal in hopes that they would see and know our hearts.  I suppose it is easy to be cruel behind the likes of a computer screen without having to face the soul of the person.  On that same note, the power of positive words is exhilarating and contagious and I would love to personally thank all the hundreds of people that are daily speaking encouragement into our lives.  We are eternally grateful for you and emboldened by your words.

4.  The campaign trail does not allow for many date nights.  So I have learned how to express my love and share little moments of flirtation even among large groups of people on the other side of the room.  I have realized that I am Zach's biggest cheerleader and that he needs my affirmation above anyones else's.  So we have developed our own love language that consist of several different winks, smiles, and nudges here and there.  There is a lot of power behind a look of affirmation ladies:)
Thank you Zach for being so handsome and thank you Target for my $24 dress

5. Home is wherever the six of us are.  We love Louisiana and we love you!

Well six plus some favorites we've adopted along the way;)


Friday, August 1, 2014

Anchor for the Soul

11:26 AM 1

matching thumb to the pocket, lol;)
     Just so you know I have started to write exactly 5 post since my last published blog approximately a month and a half ago.  Your husband announces that he is running for congress and all of a sudden you become super duper analytical about every word you type.  The only way I know how to write is to lay it all out on the table and somehow I have allowed Satan to get in this head of mine and with every topic I take to pen (type) he is right there to tell me "not good enough."  Well today he loses, because I already know I am not good enough, but lucky for me I am deeply loved by someone who is more than good enough.  He is my "anchor for the soul."  "We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf,"  Hebrews 6:19.  If you take nothing from this post today, take that, Jesus is your forerunner entering on your behalf.  And you may be like me, shifting, swaying, confused at times, unsure at times, unloving at times, struggling with doubt or fear, anger or depression, but  He is unshakeable, unmovable, unchangeable, He is an ANCHOR.  

     This verse gives me peace in my soul and confidence in my step, because not only do I really believe it, I also become alarmingly aware that I am literally at a lose without Jesus.  When I am attempting to float through this life on my own efforts or good works I run out of breath faster than a gallon of milk in a house with 4 boys.  Yet when I trust that the anchor is going to work and I throw it out of the boat then I am able to weather the storms as well as the seasons of blessing with a firm grasp of the man behind it all.  He is our anchor in times of trouble, but he is also our anchor in times of great blessing.  I make a point to say this because it is something that has been a struggle of mine throughout this campaign or rather through life in general.  On days or moments (because sometimes it's moment to moment) where I feel down after reading nasty comments directed at my husband it is so easy to turn to God, after "Momma Bear" settles down of course, and to find comfort in the scriptures.  I often find myself in Hebrews, "So we can confidently say, "The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?" 13:6.  I talk to the Father and once again find peace.  He stills my mind and reminds me to trust Him in this time and place.  
     However, it is the days that are flooded with praise that often times become a source of greater struggle.  It is these days that I often forget the source of all things good.  I forget that everything good comes from the Father, I forget that Zach, myself, and our family are merely tools created to bring glory to God.  If not careful one could actually end up thinking that it is about them, their ability, their talents, their "togetherness."  Not saying that I have ever been guilty of this, no, actually that is precisely what I am saying.  In fact, I think this is something a lot of christians struggle with or else I would have just kept this one to myself.  So whats the answer to this conundrum?  I have come up with two solutions for myself and tested them both.  Solution #1 - Refrain from using the talents God has blessed you with out of fear of becoming spiritually arrogant or a "for show" christian.  Solution #2 - Realize that you were created for a purpose.  That purpose is to bring glory to God though every means that you have been gifted with as boldly as possible.  To also realize that while doing this you may at times confuse the glory of God with your own glory and it is at that moment that you fall before The Father, admit the idol of self seeking or pride, and it is He that will deliver you time and time again and send you back to the fold to proclaim His glory.  I am choosing solution #2!! What about you? To God be the Glory! 
Love y'all,



Monday, June 16, 2014

Cats out of the Bag...

9:27 AM 6
peek-a-boo Fred
   A whirlwind I guess you would say these past few weeks have been.  Of all the blog entry's I have had a good mind to write this is one that I never saw coming.  In fact, I am completely convinced that the one running this ship is neither Zach or myself.  For lack of a clever way to say this, my husband, Zach Dasher, is running for Congress in the 5th district of Louisiana.  I'll never forget the feeling I had when my husband first approached me with the idea.  I was extremely reluctant, anxious, and down right resistant, barely sleeping and eating for three days.  After all we had just built this great house, we were volunteering with an amazing church, and life was just, well, comfortable.  I was afraid to take this before the father because somewhere deep down I knew.  I knew that God had been preparing my husband long before I was even in the picture for a time such as this.  In fact, He was preparing us all, but I wasn't quite ready to adhere to the calling.  It was a phone call that changed my view drastically and forced me to my knees for the next couple of months like never before.  Zach had approached a life long friend, someone of whom we love dearly about the idea of entering this race and what his thoughts would be about coming on board this campaign.  His response rocked my world and my prayer life.  He said Zach, you know I sort of feel like Jonah, It's not something that I necessarily want to do, my life and career are in a good comfortable place, (there's that word again) but if God is telling me to go to Nineveh, then I will go.  When Zach told me about his conversation I hung up the phone, went straight to my closet (us moms do that sometimes) and knelt before the Lord.  This began the first of many many prayers that I have sent up to the Father regarding this specific decision.  My prayer has always been the same and will continue to be the same throughout this process "Lord, if this decision would hurt our family, our faith, or your kingdom then please slam the door shut, but if you have called us together as a family to go forth in this mission then open the doors, guide our paths, and give us strength to walk through them."  I do not know where this path will lead and it may not always be "comfortable" but I will walk alongside my husband as long as the road is before us.

As to why my husband decided to run, well I'll let him tell you that…


1. More than anything else we need your PRAYERS!  Consistently and purposefully your prayers are the single greatest gift you could offer our family.  Spread the word and spread the prayer!

2. If you would like to get involved on the campaign trail we would love your help!!  Please visit my husbands website below, sign up for updates or message me personally if you are interested in joining our team.



Sunday, May 18, 2014

Changing Perspectives

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Mom & Laela Night
     Well it was an eventful week around the Dasher household and I must say thank you to all of you who sent such kind messages about the "house project."  I never imagined one post would actually produce so many potential buyers, wow, sure wish I would have waited to spend all that money to have it listed online.  You live and learn folks.  I look forward to keeping you updated on all the events surrounding the Dasher family and where the next chapter of our lives may send us, but for now since I am still unsure where that road is going to lead, I will fill you in on a little "Moms Night Out."
     Yep, some girlfriends and a few of our daughters hit the theatre last night to see "Moms Night Out" and let me just tell you that my abs are soar today, because I laughed my head off, literally, Patricia Heaton, you rock and Sarah Drew, I am so jealous of you!!  If only they would have asked me to play that role, I mean seriously, I blog and I drive a minivan:)  The kicker to the whole night was at the end of the movie after we dropped off all of our friends when Laela looks at me and says, "Mom, doesn't that movie make you feel better, see, your not the only one."  I about choked on a popcorn kernel that was still stuck in my tooth.  The truth is, I was thinking the whole time, I am so glad she got the chance to see that her mommy isn't the only stressed out and at times a little crazy one out there.  Yes I know it is just a movie, but hey, to a 10 year old might as well be fact.  
     The truth is, it was so refreshing to watch a movie that actually painted motherhood as it is (for the most part) and not some hallmark card with a lot of warm fuzzy lines that all make us cry, but ultimately end up in the trash or stuffed in a ziplock bag with all of our other warm fuzzy cards that we somehow have convinced ourselves that we might sit down and read again one day, except we never quite get around to it.  I am not in any way downing hallmark or warm fuzzy cards, Lord knows I have dreamed of working for Hallmark and writing cards my whole life, but lets face it my house rarely looks like a "Hallmark" moment.  That is what I loved the most about this movie and the message behind it.  There was no fairytale ending moment where everything fell into place and all of a sudden mom and dad were perfect and perfectly happy.  Instead, it was a matter of changing perspective.  Mom looked around and saw her life with a whole new set of eyes.  She saw the blessings and yes she even saw the imperfections, but instead of punishing herself for the lack of "having it all together" she is content to be imperfect.  My entire life I have never been content with being imperfect, but the crazy thing is, it has gotten me no where!  I am still IMPERFECT.

- Do you punish yourself when you have a bad "mommy" day?  You put yourself at the bottom of the "best mom in the world list" and vow to work like the dickens to make it back up to #1
- Do you compare yourself to everyone around you only to convince yourself that somehow you do not measure up.
-Do you have an unrealistic expectation of what your life is suppose to look like, are you expecting "hallmark moments?"

     I have done all of these things and still do at times, but I have adopted a policy that has changed my life forever and it is called "Vulnerability."  Satan hates this word and he despises when we apply it to our lives.  I gave up on perfection a long time ago, because lets face it, it was never gonna work out for me.  Not only did I give up on perfection personally, but I also gave up on "perceived perfection," thats for the birds.  I do not want to be perceived as "having it all together," that's way too much pressure and then what happens when you are caught on a bad day?  In fact, I relish in being open about all the embarrassing things about my life, be it parenting mishaps, marriage struggles, or discontentments that pop up here and there because I am very aware of when Satan gets that foothold.  It is never when I am on my knees confessing my struggles, but it is always when I am standing up straight, tall, and proud all in an effort to obtain something that I was never created to be able to obtain, less the cross be diminished of its power.  I don't know about you, but I need all the power that the cross has provided freely.  You are good enough because at the very beginning of time you were created in the very image of the Almighty God and set above all other creatures to have dominion over the earth.  That's enough.  Change your perspective today.

P.S. If they do a sequel I will be expecting a casting call;)     

Friday, May 16, 2014

The House Project

9:31 AM 6
    Building a house and building a home are two completely different things.  I have come to understand that brick and mortar are just that, brick and mortar.  However, the blessed souls that spend time under your roof is what makes a home, it is what brings life and joy into your walls.  The people you surround yourself with and the lovely folks that sit around your table will be with you long after the "new home smell" fades and the tile that you had once thought was beautiful has now become outdated.  This is really good news to me, but I will explain that later.
    I first began designing this house several years ago. I had a notebook busting from the seams with magazine tear outs, drawings, pictures, etc.  It was a hot mess, but hey, I'm a hot mess the majority of the time myself.  I searched through every house plan known to man, I promise you I have seen them all, and couldn't find one that felt right for our family.  Sooo, I hit and gave it a whirl.  When I finally met with an actual architect I'm sure that he found my drawings quite humorous, but it was a start. After months and months of planning, rearranging, getting bids, preparing the land, & a never ending list of "must haves" before you can so much as hammer one nail into your first 2x4 we dove head first into the building process. 
     I'd love to give you all the play by play of the countless boards I painted or that time I nearly cut my finger off spray painting tin squares for my dining room ceiling, but I think I'll skip right through the "process" and get straight to the goods.

               Some Exterior Shots
The stained glass windows were not in my original plan, but thanks to an unbelievably fabulous lady (aka Donna) the decorator/all things house, they are one of my favorite things about my home.
Sorry for the blurriness, it was raining.

How many cedar shakes do you think are up there??? Well, the dasher family kids and all painted every last one of those suckers.

Yes there is a sticker on my window, happens to be on the outside. I am still contemplating risking my life to get it off. Drives me crazy!!!

I love this shot because I love this tree, makes me happy.

After going back and forth between shingles or tin I am so glad that we went with the tin roof.  Please ignore the red solo cup in my front yard.  Oh, just keeping it real y'all;) 

These Dutch Door beauties are super fun with their little peep holes. I kinda feel like the munchkin from the wizard of oz when I peek through that thing.
There is no place I would rather be on a rainy night than this front porch.

This is most likely where you would find me any given time of the day. There goes another cup, good grief, this is becoming a habit.

Daylight views behind my favorite tree
Let's take it to the back yard. Another one of my favorite trees. 

Now if it happens to be cold and rainy...

I love entertaining & having people in my home, that's what this place is all about. Many of praise sessions have taken place on this porch. 

If it's not snowing, sleeting, or tornado weather then the kids are eating outside.

If you could only see behind these doors?? So I don't have a super neat, clean, & organized garage. Never will!!

Let's take a look inside...
When you come through my front door.

 That light fixture was a snag from Pottery Barn. I got it on clearance, YAY!!

Love the back side of my Dutch Doors. Watered down paint to get this fabulous stained look.

Had to get an up close of one of my favorites. This beam came from an old cotton warehouse. It's oozing with character.

Did I mention that I love entertaining, and I also love for everyone to have a place to sit around my table. You will find that I designed this house to have a super open floor plan giving me lots of room and options to rearrange furniture as needed or to add an extra table if need be.  There's that famous dining room ceiling that nearly cost me my finger.

coffee time

This piece of furniture is very special to me.  My Grandmother passed this down to me after spending many years in her home holding her china which she actually used at every meal.  I love you Grandmother!  

These beauties use to belong to a dining room table that I actually turned into a coffee table pictured on my back porch.  This was my parents first dining room set and I couldn't bear to let it go so I added a little paint to the once Cream stained chairs and child proofed them by recovering the seat with a fabulous vinyl (yes vinyl) material from Hobby Lobby.  Spill proof equals happy Momma!

Need a center piece, oh just grab some galvanized buckets and throw some peanuts in them.

This table matches that gym of a china cabinet that was also a gift from my Grandmother.  If I only knew how many meals had been served around this beauty.  My cousins and I have shared thousands of laughs in these very seats.  I soak up every bit of family time spent in these chairs.

If you are wondering about my floors I suppose now is the time to tell you that these floors are the best decision I ever made hands down.  They are not stained concrete.  They are simply buffed and sealed concrete and they show absolutely no dirt.  On any given week we have lots of people, including kids, in and out of our home.  This Mom has no time to be fretting over smudged floors.  Make no mistake, my floors are never clean, but you'd never know it.  Score!   

The Island and my new favorite beverage server.  I decided to go with Quartz for my countertops, low maintenance and stunning that can withstand a good beating.

The best part about my kitchen is the gospel symbols that I "sharpied" onto the tile above my range.  It's a little hard to see from this picture, but it brings me great peace to be reminded everyday that Jesus saves.

Where it all goes down
So right behind this curtain is the school room.  I contemplated on putting a door here, but did not want to loose the openness so I opted for some cute curtains to allow for privacy and some separation from the rest of this crazy house.

My new best friend, the double dishwasher. 

Fell in love with these vintage feel knobs from Hobby Lobby.

AHHH! The farmhouse sink, it can hold so many dishes which means I can out off doing them longer.  I cleaned my sink out just so I could take this picture;)

I like to call this area the hang out.  Friends and family can hang around in the kitchen and be a part of the whole cooking experience from the comforts of this cozy spot.  

view from inside the fireplace.  Yes I got my pants dirty.

This fan is one of my favorite light fixtures adding just the right amount of femininity with a rustic edge.
This is the main shebang, where it all happens.  I was so nervous when I chose this yellow, but when I saw it finished I was instantly in love.  Please excuse the wires you see hanging, we are in the midst of getting surround sound put in.

A little closer look.  This rug makes this room and although I am the queen of cheap and all things "on Sale" investing in a good rug for your main room is never a bad idea.  Zach may or may not have agreed with me on that one.
If you spend too much on the rug, just by a cheap old coffee table and slab some paint on it.  Priceless.
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I have never been a matchy matchy person, so for that reason you will see all kinds of pillows around my house.  Some match, some don't, but I like them anyway.
This fireplace was an ordeal and a half let me tell you, but I can assure you that it will be standing long after the rest of the house is not.  

Love these doors which open into the library.  These babies were from an old house in New Orleans, talk about a find.   

Just in case you missed the first two pics.  I love these doors!
Sneak peak of the library.  Zach's desk is a mess and guess who refused to clean it up.  Made that mistake before and our water got turned off because I threw away the bill, oops. 
School Time!!

These lockers have been a life saver on many occasions.  They are perfect for throwing junk and all sorts of whatnots in when surprise guest stop by.  

I am in love with all things vintage, including this fan by Minka Aire 
I spy a half bath, right off from the school room to help minimize the distractions.
This vanity is probably one of my favorites in the house.  

OK, your going to see the bare minimum of my laundry room, because it is my least favorite room in the house and I hate laundry!!  I thought by making this room cute I might want to spend some time in here, plan didn't work!!

With four boys in the house it definitely helps to have a sink in the laundry room.

These adorable light fixtures were super cheap from Lowes and I only wish I would have discovered them earlier , because I would have used them in lots of other places.  

Because everyone should have an Elephant hanging over their bed.  Roll Tide.
My room.  Well and Zach's
Master bath

From the second I saw this tub on the showroom floor I knew that it was the one I  wanted.  Sleek, simple, and super easy to clean.  I have had jets in the past and grew tired of cleaning out each one so I opted out of them this go around.  

Several of my light fixtures I purchased from Paul Michael.  This is one of them.  It was originally a rustic brown, but I dry brushed a little turquoise on top and it did wonders for this little piece.   

The Edison light bulb really allows for a relaxing glow.
What better to serve as a vanity than an old sewing machine table.

Her Sink

His Sink

You will see lots of old doors throughout my house.  These doors are not just random doors that I found here and there, they are from my husbands Grandmothers house that had to be eventually torn down due to severe flood damage.  Granny lived right next to Phil and Kay down on the river.  They certainly don't make em like they use too.  

It's sad, but I have showered probably a total of three times in this shower since moving in.  I'm a bath girl.

An old yard sale find turned into one of my favorite accent pieces. 

The guest room, a work in progress, and two more of those beautiful "Granny" doors.  In several of the bedrooms I chose to do wood walls three fourths of the way up and then sheet rock the rest.  Just adds a little extra dimension and character.  Also it makes for less decorating, because the walls speak for themselves.

Me and the kids made this lovely banner out of some burlap and cute scrapbook paper .

This is also one of my favorite vanities, well I guess I love them all.  This one came from Paul Michael company and it has the perfect feel for a guest room.

That mirror was found separately, but when I saw it I knew that it was meant to be with this little gym.

Exposed plumbing, I'm so ok with that.

I have a slight fetish with "cute soaps."  TJMaxx is the best place to go and find inexpensive wonderful smelling and wonderful looking soap dispensers that just add a little extra to all your bathrooms.

The "girl" room.  I let my daughter pretty much have full rein (within reason) when it came to her room.  Chandelier was at the top of her list.  I'm pleased.  

double closets in all of the kids rooms is a tremendous help

I was so excited to find this fabric, I think it hits on any color a girl might potentially want to have in her future.

Yes, all of my vanities are my favorite.

Somebody needs to clean out under their vanity???  I really missed all of this as I was shooting these pics.

This was the first thing I did when we moved into this house.  It is freehanded and not so perfect, but it is perfect for us.  With four kids running around I was confident that I wanted a curved staircase for safety purposes.  It has come in handy on more than one occasion.    

Boys Dorm.
My boys love to romp and wrestle and so they needed lots of floor space for their adventures.  The built in bunks not only allow for storage without the need for a dresser or additional furniture, but also give them the full use of their floor.  Carpet was a must upstairs (although I am not a carpet fan)  anything to help drown out their "craziness" helps.

The boys have the best view in the house!  There goes that sticker again.

Keeping it simple and sweet for these boys of mine.  

Tin ceiling in the boys bath

The Dasher Family Home
     Well there you have it, the House Project.  I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I have come to realize that truly what I love most about this house is the people that I share it with and those who enter to share a meal and a laugh or two.  The reason this is really good news is because this house, which I have loved dearly, is going on the market today. WHAT???  Yep, it is for sale folks.  Now as to the why, weeeell, thats a different story for a different day, but I promise to keep you posted.  

If you are interested in the purchase of this home here are a few specs:
-3701 heated square feet with the potential for much expansion
- 4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths
- office
- kid hang out/ school room
-located on 20 beautiful acres

Message me if you are interested;)

Love to you all,


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