Saturday, November 16, 2013

Are the Ducks Drunk??

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     Let me start this off in a state of complete vulnerability.  Since the start of my husband's family fame several years ago I have been very careful not to "name drop" or blog about them in any form or fashion for several reasons.  If I am being honest, which I always strive to be, it would primarily be because of my pride.  I never wanted them to feel that I wanted something from them or that I wanted to use their name to boost my audience, but mainly I always wanted them to know that I loved them regardless of it all.  Fame or no fame there are members of the Robertson family who have had tremendous impact on my families life.  However, and I am fearful even writing this now, but in light of resent post and talk that I have heard over their decision to embark upon the wine business I am forced to break my silence.
     Through the continuing process of sanctification since becoming a christian in 1999 I have become increasingly obsessed with TRUTH, not doctrine, but truth.  So much so that if you know of any other way that makes since other than christianity I would like to know about it.  No joke, I do not want to believe anything simply because I would like for it to be true, or because it is convenient to my lifestyle, no!  I want to know what is true and I always and will always be open to that discussion.  With that being said I am deeply saddened at the hundreds of comments that I have read regarding the "boycotting" of the Robertson's and the mean spirited jabs that are coming from the mouths of those who claim to represent the Kingdom of God.
     The Robertson's along with every other famous person on this planet are human beings last time I checked.  They are not God, they are not omnipresent, they are not all knowing, but rather they are souls who have been given life by the almighty God.  Why we hold "humans" to such a high standard of unattainability, while we ourselves struggle within the walls of our own earthly flesh, I will never understand.  My opinion on their decision to enter into the wine business is absolutely irrelevant, but what I know for fact is that that decision is not a sin and they are not responsible for everyone who struggles with alcohol because they sell wine.  I find it hard to believe that we can completely throw out parts of the bible to make it consistent with our own line of thinking simply out of fear that someone might interpret scripture wrong or go to far.  The God who created all things did not put us on this planet and provide this amazing book to guide us into all truth simply to confuse us.  His word is very clear and the more that I read the more amazed I become at the nature of God.
     Drunkenness, yes, always wrong, along with sexual immorality, hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions, envy, orgies, and the like.  So, therefore, do we refrain from having sex within our marriage because it may lead us into immorality?  Do we disfellowship our neighbors when we become fearful that they might be tempted to struggle with jealousy, do we disown our children when they become angry, because that could possibly lead to "fits of rage."  Do we stop cooking enormous Thanksgiving feast, because we fear becoming a glutton?  If this is the route we as "Christians" believe to be the most benefitial then I am afraid the Robertson's are the least of our worries.  In fact, lets rip the TV's out, get rid of your guns, and never leave our homes, but something tells me there will always be an element of temptation lurking in some form or fashion.  Sin is sin and we should not be afraid to back down from the truths of what sin is and how it can destroy our lives, but making something out to be a sin because you are fearful that someone may abuse it or because you know someone who has is not what Jesus was in the business of doing.
     The alcohol is not making people drunk, people are.  The guns are not killing innocent victims, people are.  Sex is not the reason that 100's of thousands of babies are being aborted every year, people are. People that are believing a lie from Satan and thus he is able to wreck havoc through their lives in devastating ways.  I have read several comments such as this "think of all the people who will now take to drinking because Willie does."  To that I would say this: the very idea that we are looking to human beings for our standard of righteousness is a recipe for failure.  No man, aside from Jesus,  no matter how righteous, would be able to carry you into the realms of heaven on his back.  The answer is not to condemn Willie out of fear that he may disappoint the cause for Christ, we will all do that and are doing it every day as we battle our flesh.  Aside from Jesus Christ there is not a man worthy enough on this planet for us to use as a measure of righteousness.  So if we are going to be in the business of "boycotting" then it is my suggestion that we boycott the one whom all sin is derived from and who wants nothing more than to render us useless for the kingdom because we are too busy arguing over issues that have nothing to do with salvation.
      Like I said at the beginning, I want to know the TRUTH, whatever that may intel.  So, if I am wrong and you can show me where alcohol is a sin then I am always open for the discussion.  In the meantime, I pray for enduring strength for the Robertson family as they are likely to face many trials and persecution.  My prayer is that the power of the Holy Spirit will remain so very strong within them and throughout them that they will stand firm on this battle field. However, if they were to ever fall I hope that I am right there with open arms ready to help them back on their feet and I would hope that the Kingdom of God would do the same for me.



Saturday, November 9, 2013


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      I'm a bi-polar writer, that is, there are phases of my life when I will journal about the lost hamster, my child's loose tooth, and the sunset.  While other times I will birth a whole child and not take the time to right down the order of events.  If you happen to follow my blog you probably already know this about me.  But it's always fun to run across an old one and pick it up for a look into what was going on in my life during that particular era.  Yesterday I happened upon an old one because my two year old was frantically coloring over all the pages, I guess he is going to be a writer as well.  This was not a typical journal entry, but instead it was a lesson of sorts I had prepared for a woman's bible study.  Apparently I was only suppose to pick one verse and share it with the group, but that proved to be difficult for this southern gal with a loud mouth.  Yeah, I'm not real sure if that is my spiritual gift or curse, but either way I love to talk, actually I prefer the term "teach" not that I am qualified, but I love discussions involving my Savior.  So today I am going to share with you what I wrote, raw and unedited thoughts that the Lord had laid on my heart years ago.
     "Erica asked me to read my favorite verse and to share why, she did not ask me to preach, but shock to you all I have something to share, ha.  When I say that God laid this on my heart, I mean it in the literal since.  I sat up in my bed at 10:10 on Monday night, I go to be early, and this is what came out.  On Sunday night at house church we watched the video some of you may have seen at church.  Louie Giglio talked about creation and the magnitude of it all, the stars, planets, and the complexity of the human body.  It is amazing, if you haven't seen it, you must!  So, I was laying in bed thinking of the greatness of God and this verse came to mind, Psalms 139:17
     "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mothers womb.  I praise you           because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.     My frame was not hidden from you when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.  Your    eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me where written in your book before one of them came to be.  How precious to me are your thoughts O God!  How vast is the sum of them!  Were I to count them they would outnumber the grains of sand.  When I awake I am still with you."

     I just stopped and thought about what this verse was saying.  I thought of our God who created the heavens and earth, the animals, and me.  He ordained my days before I even came to be.  I actually began picturing His hands as they were knitting my children together.  I was in awe.  But one thought kept plaguing me as these thoughts were running through my mind.  How many times do I look at God's work in myself and think "man, you know if I could only change this, or tweak this, then I would be a better more pleasant looking creation."  Please know that when I said God laid this on my heart it was because He was speaking to me.  I guess the only reason I am sharing this with all of you is because I was so excited about what He revealed to me.  So He told me this: Guess what, you were knit together by the creator of the heavens!  Do you think that there is anything that you could do to "perfect" the creation of God Almighty??????  Uhhhh....Ummmm...nnnnnooooo!  Yes, he knit you together, He chose blue eyes for you, brown hair for another, etc, etc... I even brought props (side note I was referring to my resent um how should I say this breast augmentation, heck boob job.  This portion was added for clarity to the reader;-)  There isn't a plastic surgeon on the face of this planet that can make you more beautiful than your heavenly father already has.  It's sad that it took $5,000 and many uncomfortable nights to realize this.
     If knowing the power of our savior, seeing His mighty works, and realizing the death He died so that I might live doesn't make you feel loved and beautiful, then nothing else will.  Satan will get you caught up in the lie that this and that will make you beautiful, but what he doesn't tell you is that the "beauty" he is offering will fade very quickly and cost you more than you ever intended to spend.  But the beauty of a soul that seeks to find their fulfillment at the foot of the cross is a beauty that will live for eternity and never fade away, not to mention IT IS FREE!!!  BILL HAS BEEN PAID!  So, my charge is this, as women and Mom's battling a society that defines beauty in a cup size, pant size, or # of wrinkles, etc, lets be different.  Lets seek that unfading beauty, the beauty that comes from knowing that we were created by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the God that knows how many hairs are on our head.  Lets seek that beauty not just for ourselves, but for our daughters and sons who will likely view beauty though our eyes.  Each one of you is a beautiful, beautiful creation!"

Yeah, that's all I got guys.  Sure am glad I ran across this one, a little reminding never hurts anyone.  Love to ya!



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