Saturday, July 27, 2013

My 2 Cents.

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My Two Cents

ATTENTION: All The Single Ladies!!! Correction PARENTS, AUNTS, UNCLES, ETC!!!

    Please someone tell me where the "Fish face" originated??? Surely I have missed something somewhere along the way and am totally confused about this phenomenon, but it has become apparent to me that the "fish face" is suppose to be somewhat attractive and appealing as well as a sensual invitation to "check me out I'm hot." Now for those of you who are oblivious to what I am referring to,  
have no fear, you are only a click away from being let in on this little secret.  Login to your Facebook page/instagram/whatever other slew of social media that you subscribe to and in probably under 30 seconds you will come face to face with this epidemic.  What to look for: lips poked out, eyebrows raised, possible hand on hip with extremely over exaggerated extension of the hip.  This my friends is the "fish face." 
     Now that we are all on the same page lets discuss.  If you are a frequent "fish facer" even if I offend you at least take notes.  As a mother of a 9 year old daughter who I have seen attempt such a face on occasions while having no clue to what it is exactly that she is doing I must offer "my two cents." Some of you may be thinking what is the big deal.  Well in some aspects you would be correct, no big deal it's a stupid expression, but what I am about to discuss goes much deeper than the simplicity of the expression. I am referring to a message behind this expression. In fact it is a message that young girls everywhere have began to believe about who they are as woman.  Girls as young as nine and ten years old are requesting to follow me on instagram with profile pics that look like that of sixteen year olds (almost always the fish face) and that state things like "single hot chick" and "taken by so and so." WHAT!!!!????? I scroll through some of their pics and I am blown away!!!! Well yeah you should be single and what does taken me, like you can possibly understand love at the age of 9.  Boys as young as 11 with pictures of porno movie covers and other highly inappropriate images on their picture role.  PARENTS: if you think your child is protected because he or she has a private account on instagram then you better WAKE UP!!! All of these images that I am referring to are from people who simply requested to follow me. I in turn click on their name to see if I know them and then I automatically have access to their photos because the majority of them do not have private accounts.  Let me stress again that these are primarily 9-12 year olds.  
     So I trailed a little from the "fish face," but truly it's all related.  We are creating a culture where kids and woman as a whole view there worth based solely on there "sex appeal" This is not only robbing our daughters from their childhoods, but our sons are just as affected.  They also value a woman based on what she has to offer sexually because that is what our culture and social media tells them to do and parents are too busy or distracted to teach them otherwise.  Where does this lead?  It leads to a culture that values sex above just about anything else.  It leads to a loss of pride and dignity. It leads to our daughters dressing like strippers and no one even noticing because "everyone is doing it." Have you happened to take a look at the "shorts" or might as well be underwear that are gracing the racks and sadly our children as well.  It leads to our boys developing porn addictions at a very young age that will plague them the rest of their lives.  They will experience unfulfilled relationships and marriages because they have an extremely distorted view of what sex was truly intended to be.
    Yeah so maybe I didn't intend to visit all of these topics so candidly, but something tells me it has  got to be done.  Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Etc, let's take hold of the reins and get our children back!!! Let's teach our daughters about respect and dignity. What it means to value yourself as a daughter of the King and not as a piece of meat.  Our sons need to be talked to about the dangers of what they allow into their minds and shown by example by strong men of God what it means to respect a woman.  Our children do not need the "don't do it, don't do it, don't do it" speeches in reference to sex. Instead they need to be taught up front and candidly about the way it was designed to be and the joy that can come from experiencing it Gods way.  Girls, you are much more than a "fish face" in a pair of cut off booty shorts, you were made to do great things, you were called for a higher purpose, to represent the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Boys, be different! Do not allow our culture to reduce you to mindless robots that can only think about one thing.  You too were made for so much more.



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