Friday, June 7, 2013


     It's 3:00am in the great city of West Monroe, LA and after laying in my bed for what has felt like hours (only minutes I'm sure) I have finally decided that the only way to lull this gal back to sleep for (if I'm lucky) three more hours is to write my thoughts.  My husband always says "if the Lord wakes you up in the middle of the night he's surely trying to tell you something."  I agree whole hardily.  
     Today was a typical day around the Dasher house, no big plans, some spilled OJ, PB&J's, a few sibling tangles, "pick up your toys," "don't leave your shoes outside," "If I tell you one more time," "Fred get out of the fridge," "Fred get off the counter," "Fred! How did you get on that counter??" "Bear Dasher, did you get in the poison ivy again?"  "Mom! I'm itching!" "Mom! I'm hungry" "Mom!! I'm thirsty, can I have coke?" "NO!" "Zach, did you give him caffeine??"  You know, a typical day.  
      So when I finally was able to lay my head on my pillow and reflect upon today, I'm a reflector, always have been, there were a few things about this day that dominated my thoughts.  It was none of the things that I previously mentioned, although those little incidences far outweighed the ones I am about to mention in the amount of time and effort required from me as a mother.  These little moments, however, came and passed in the blink of an eye.  One of those moments took place when I was preparing a hardy lunch of PB&J's and as my daughter took her plate she looks at me, ever so casual, and says "I love you Mom."  Man, in that moment I felt like I had just prepared a seven coarse meal.  Later on in the afternoon Max was rushing in and out of the house changing several times, I suspect that it had something to do with our neighbors "pretty cousins" being in town, but nonetheless runs up to me real quick like and asks for a hug.  Oh how I wish he would never grow to old to ask Momma for a hug!!  My precious kids probably thought nothing of these sweet little moments and scurried off into their day as normal as "Si's sweet tea" but to their Momma they were priceless.  If I could have stopped time and soaked up every ounce of that moment and put it in a jar for a rainy day I no doubt would have.  
       So, back to why I think the Lord woke me up.  It wasn't the words from my daughter or the affection from my son that held the most meaning.  There have always been lots of "I love You's" and "hugs" around our house, but I think what made today so special for me was that it was the most ordinary, uneventful, no bells and whistles kind of day, borderline "bored" (I forbid my children to say this word, but hey, there's a time and place for everything.)  I began to think of my heavenly father and how quick I am to praise him when things are going well in my life.  When prayers are answered, or good news comes my way.  I am also so very quick to run to Him when the storms hit in my life or the life of a friend and I cry out to Him in need of His wisdom and strength.  Yet there are many days that come and go, ordinary, PB&J kind of days, when I forget to even call upon His name.  My Lord and King, creator of all things, Savior of my soul, Lord of my life and I forget to speak His name in praise.  Our Father loves our prayers of praise and seeks our prayers when we are afflicted, but He is a God that deserves our everything.  He deserves our ordinary, nothing major going on, PB&J kind of days.  Psalms 34 David, one of my favorites, speaks these words "I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips." 
Lord of heaven and earth I give you praise in this moment.  I want to tell you that I love you.  I want to thank you for my sleeping children that are safe in their rooms and free from harm or sickness.  I want to thank you for this perfectly ordinary day that I was able to spend with the people I love.  I thank you for the man laying in my bed (probably stretched out to my side by now) and for the source of strength he is for our family.  Lord God if you were sitting beside me, and I pray that you are, I would love to ask you for a hug.  Thank you for this ordinary day and our PB&J's.  In the mighty name of Jesus, deserving all of my praise, amen.




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  2. Loved reading that!! Glad God woke you up!! (hope this comment posts.....I'm new to this) lol


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