Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Prayer

Almighty Father, creator of life and all things good, hold these families in your mighty hand right at this moment.  Whisper words of peace into their hearts and remind them that though the pain may be unbearable that You are near.  Please comfort them with the words you have spoke, "The Lord is near the broken-hearted." Ps 34:18  Father, I pray that even though they may feel that you are miles and miles away that they will feel your arms carrying them as you carry their burdens.  Father I pray in the name of Jesus that satan will have no more power over this dark tragedy.  I know that he wants so desperately to cause each and every one of these aching souls to question your very existence and turn their hearts so far from you, but I pray that his power is stripped from their hearts.  That they will see this horrific tragedy for what it truly is.  The result of someone who completely turned their back on You and was under the control of the evil one.  Finally Father, I pray for all the innocent children, teachers, librarians, custodians, and anyone else that may have had to witness such dreadful acts that their souls will be comforted and that you will protect their minds from having to relive this moment over and over.  Father, the Mom's and Dad's are agonizing over their children that were for a brief moment healthy, happy, and alive, and now they are gone.  I pray that you might reveal to them the comfort that their child is now in.  The joy that they are experiencing and the complete and utter peace that now and forever they will bask in.  This will not take away their desire to hold them one last time I know, but perhaps they can be comforted as only you can comfort.
In the mighty name of Jesus,

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