Friday, November 30, 2012

Lessons Learned

     NOVEMBER 30TH!!!!  As sad as I am that the "No Make-up November" campaign has come to an end, I will not leave this month without having learned some valuable lessons.  To be honest, when I first committed to taking part in this campaign it was for the single purpose of supporting and promoting RAVE Ministries; a ministry that I feel is worthy of great notice and praise for what they are doing.  I didn't however think that the actual not wearing make-up for 30 days would be that big of a deal, and sure didn't expect to learn the lessons that I did.  After all, it's just a month!
       The theme verse for this campaign was Song of Solomon 4:7 "you are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you."  Well going for a month without make-up I honestly did not necessarily feel beautiful or flawless in a physical sense anyway.  But what I did notice was beautiful and flawless people all around me and once again I am not referring to the "physical" aspects of these words.

The beautiful and flawless people I noticed throughout the month of November...

-I noticed friends and family that embarked upon this venture with me sticking it out day after day.  Staying true to the commitment that they made not because they would have been shamed had they given up, but simply because they had made a commitment.  There were several moments throughout November where I reflected on the incredible people around me and how lucky I was to have such honorable women to call friends.

-I noticed husbands encouraging their own wives as well as other women participating, how cool is that.  I have so much gratitude towards my own husband for his support during this month.  He repeatedly made efforts to convince me that he really and truly preferred my natural beauty.  Now I'm not going to do too much investigating into the validity of those remarks, mainly because it makes no difference to me.  So often we try to paint men into a category that reduces them to animals that only take note in the "physical" and "sexuality" of women.  That simply is not the case and I would like to take this moment to thank all of you husbands out there that supported your precious wives throughout this venture.  Thank you Zach, I am the luckiest girl in the world and I love you!!

-I noticed that children are watching you and taking notes!!  When I chose to participate in this campaign I sat my children down and explained to them my reasons for taking the challenge.  I also read to them many of the testimonies posted by women all over the world.  Little did I know that they would think about this decision much past the initial conversations that we had had at the beginning.  Yet I started noticing them being ever so concerned as they would watch me get ready in the mornings and do you know that there has not been one morning in all 30 days where my daughter or son has not replied "Mommy, your not wearing make-up are you?" or "Remember Momma, No Make-up November."  Children are like sponges soaking up any and every bit of information that crosses their path.  Yes they knew that I had made this commitment, but what intrigued them far more than my acceptance of this challenge, was the actual devotion I had to playing out that commitment.  Days when I was tempted or drawn to the little black mascara on my counter, I thought of them.  I thought of how many conversations we have had about working with all your heart, doing your very best at whatever you do, and being a person of integrity and honor.  Well all of these wonderful lessons mean absolutely nothing without them first seeing them played out in my own life.  Thank you RAVE ministries for this opportunity to show the true value of commitment to my children for 30 straight days! 

     I would like to personally thank every one of you who joined with me in this campaign.  I cannot tell you how encouraged I've been seeing you all stick it out.   I've even found such joy in the little questions from kids, especially in my Sunday school class, because it has given me a great opportunity to remind them of why they are the most beautiful creation in all the world!!  The funniest comment of all came this past Wednesday night when I rushed in late to church by myself, because the rest of my family was at home sick, and lets just say I needed some Jesus!!!  When my husband gave me the "go ahead" to make my getaway I don't think I took note of what I was wearing, of coarse no make-up, and pretty sure I didn't even brush my hair, just ran like the wind to my car before he changed his mind!  So I came in and set close to the back row right in front of the Anderson boys, who happen to be some of my most favorite kids in the world, and drew the 7 year old leans over to his big brother and replies "Mrs. Jil must of had a rough day!" I laughed my head off!!! The best part is that his Dad new about the campaign and was able to explain it to those sweet boys.  I've LOVED and HATED this month, but I am so very GRATEFUL for it!!  

P.S. Don't be surprised if you see me tomorrow and I look like Tammy Faye Baker!
HA! you think I'm joking!


  1. Jil, while you are beautiful on the outside, I'll admit, that isn't what makes me so proud to have you as a daughter. In fact, all of my "daughters" are gorgeous. But that deep beauty you posses...the beauty that would endure no matter what happens to the outside, now that is beautiful...muy hermosa. I'm proud of how you raise my grandkids, look out for my son, and mentor younger women. Thanks! You're a solid woman.


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