Monday, October 1, 2012


     Good Golly Gracious!!! It has been a crazy couple of weeks in the Dasher house hold.  For those of you that may not know we have been moving, moving, and moving out of our home for nearly three weeks.  It's amazing what a family of six can store up over the years, shocking really.
     Around April of 2011 we began a journey.  This began with the purchase of 40 acres of land with some amazing friends; 20 for them, 20 for us, and an "ole" Barn in the middle.  Having no clue what the future would hold we did know that it would be a dream to some day build our Homes on these beautiful acres.  We would often dream of all the escapades that our children would get into together, after all, they have four kids as well, that makes 8 kids - 5boys, 3girls.  Yet somehow amongst all the dreaming, the reality of actually making this dream come true never came into play.  I guess I just assumed there was some sort of moving fairy that took care of all the minor details, I mean I had moved several times before, but apparently NOT with four kids.  I am the "baby of the family" if that tells you anything...oh surely things will workout just fine:-)
     So when our house sold about a month ago we began making plans for the big move.  Since I homeschool our children I really wanted to be on the land so that I could be a part of the whole process without having to hall the kids out every time a decision needed to be made.   For this reason we thought it would be perfect to live in a trailer on the land during the building process.  Even better since our friends who bought the land with us had just moved into their new house and were trying to sell their trailer that was already on the land...BINGO!!  However, this did not make the MOVING process easier.  It meant 3/4 of our belongings had to go to storage and the rest to our "trailer house."  Yeah, I know some of you are thinking, why not just higher movers, yes I agree, I mentioned this several time to Zach Dasher.  Zach Dasher believes that if you can do it yourself for FREE, do it YOURSELF.  He no longer abides by this policy, we'll just leave it at that, for now anyway.

     So without boring you with all the minor details I will simply give you a sneak peek into our moving week:)

  • Jil - sprained tendon in her wrist due to husband dropping weight of very large table on her 
  • Son Bear burned his foot after stepping in the ashes of the burn pile
  • Jil's favorite leather chair - DESTROYED after falling off the truck on I-20, hitting 4 vehicles
  • Somehow we adopted a cat and a dog on day 1 of moving week?? Seriously!! 
  • Zach's sunroof broke on his truck, like would not shut, rains a coming, uh-oh $1300 and the loss of our moving vehicle for a couple of days
  • Lost our storage key as we were unloading one of the final loads around 12:30am night before closing.  Went ahead and unloaded it all, sure that we would find the key back at the house.  NO KEY found, so we, correction HE (I was having a major allergy attack) had to go back up to the storage facility, load all our stuff back up that we had left in the hall, and take it to the trailer until further notice.  We found the key, sure enough, in the side pocket of the car as we were heading to our closing at 9:00 the next morning.
  • Our friends dog got ran over on the land during one of our drop off loads;(( P.S. It wasnt' me!
  • Did I mention that I cannot twist my wrist?  It's like impossible to be a Mom and not move twist your wrist.




So although the list above is entirely true and yes I pitched a few "hissy fits" as I like to call them a few times along the way in the grand scheme of it all, we are so very blessed.  I am blessed to lay down each night, wherever that may be, and to know that I am loved "hissy fits" and all by the man I married 11 years ago, to know that my four children are healthy and safe and that for yet another day I was blessed to be their mother, but most of all to know that I am loved in a way that I could never have hoped by a father that offers more than any worldly possession you could dream or imagine.  It is because of this love that I must live every day of my life, no matter how long or short, for the glory of God.  "Better is one day in your court's than a thousand elsewhere"Psalms 84:10

P.S. If the good Lord sees fit to see us through the building of this house you better believe you will see a "MOVING" with actual "MOVERS" not named Zach and Jil on moving day!!!

To all our friends that helped through all the craziness, we owe you big time!!! Coming soon Gumbo feast for you all, I promise!!  Or some kinda good country cooking:-)  We love you and cherish you more than words could ever say!  "Friends are friends forever, if the Lords the Lord of them..." (picture me serenading you!)

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