Sunday, September 16, 2012



     As much as it kills me to announce, in fact, the tears are pouring as I am writing this post...My Minivan has BIT THE DUST!  Gone... ca-putt...has passed on to a new family.  One that I hope will share in the many amenities it might, maybe, possibly a few still have left to offer.  After a week of break downs and sweating kids as the air was gone we made an executive decision.  I have rolled it over and over in my head and I can't stray away from the minivan!  Gas mileage, convenience, room, yep, I'm stinking with THE MINIVAN!  This is where my minivan moms come into the picture, I need your help!!!  WHICH ONE DO I CHOOSE????  Please share your expertise of advice with me...I will trust any mom behind the wheel of a minivan:-)  At the moment I'm having to drive my husbands King Ranch and my feet wont even reach the floor and I have to hop...yes HOP out.  This does not work out well when I am wearing my heels!!!  HELP!!! 

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