Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Summer Blues

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may not be Disney, but HEY, it's West Monroe, LA Baby!

"Well hello friends and how do ya do."  It has been a while.  Unfortunately my computer had an accident with the tile floor and has not been with us for the past couple of weeks.  I am praying that all of my files will be able to be recovered or my next post is likely to be a mournful collection of all that was lost and how I am sure that I will never recover.  My writer of a husband does not like to share his computer, so thus, here I sit in the middle of the night attempting to get a word in.

     This post is a mixture of joy and frustration.  Frustration that I have allowed the word "summer" to turn my life upside-down-sideways-and full blown chaotic.  Joy that I have realized that I no longer have to be defined by this word or do I have to permit my children to be.  Please know that this is in no way a protest against "summer" itself, I love summer.  Instead it is what I have allowed "summer" to do to my once orderly, well I mean, my kind of orderly home. Ahhhhhh!!!

     So here's the story...Once upon a time there was a mom.  This mom had four amazing children who she looked after day and night, day and night, day and night, day and night, day and night, ok sorry, you get the point.  Being that there were only so many hours in the day to accomplish an unending list of "mommy do's" like homeschooling 2 of her 4 children, washing their clothes along with heaven knows how many "dirty drawers", preparing their meals as well as attempting to create a peaceful atmosphere by the time Daddy got home it was highly imperative that all these events happened in a very orderly and scheduled way.  

     And so it went throughout the school year that this mom and her four kids lived out their days, for the most part, with peace and tranquility; give or take a few.  Until it happened, all to fast, and before she even saw it coming...SUMMER!  After weeks of checking off list, testing, and compiling a world wind of knowledge into two very intriguing brains, Momma got very tired.  She got so tired that she decided it was time to take a break, she deserved it after-all.  No more grueling "wake-up" calls, might as well let the behavior chart and chores slack a little too.  I mean they have worked so very hard and shouldn't they have some time off, so she thought.  She even decided that bedtime was not quite as important now that they were not having to get up so early.  Oh, how excited she was to take a "break" you know from all the expectations she had for her kids.  Ha, a few weeks of no battles, no whining, these kids are sure to be filled with contentment since after all they will have a very limited set of expectations to meet.  

     It was a couple of weeks into summer and little by little this mother began noticing changes in her family that were not quite as she had expected they would be.  The arguing between siblings that she was so sure "summer" would cure seemed to get worse and more frequent.  Their rooms which had once been cleaned both in the morning and before bedtime had turned into what looked as if they should be in an episode of "Hoarders" and not to mention the number of "dirty drawers" had dropped significantly.  Were they even bathing, she thought?  Bedtime brought a whole new set of struggles and the once quite evenings enjoyed by her and her spouse had now turned into "musical rooms" with kids running from one room to the next and back again.  What was happening, she thought, where has my peaceful home gone?  Finally, after a few more days of trudging through the muck she realized that by taking away "order" from her home she had introduced "Chaos" and I mean a whole new set of "chaos."  She realized that what she had thought would be a "break" ended up producing laziness and boredom that in turn amounted to less than adequate attitudes from her four adoring children.  This mom began to realize that children really do thrive on order and peace.  They love the feeling of completing a task though they may never admit it.  She also discovered that their time as a family was so much more enjoyable when they were working together or playing together as opposed to the "free for all" attitude that was first introduced at the beginning of summer.  More than anything this Mom fell before God Almighty and thanked him for allowing her to be a mom and for every hard day that may come with it, for every meal she had to prepare,  for every load of laundry washed; including the "dirty drawers", for every trip to Wal-Mart with those 4 stragglers (that ones stretching it a bit), for every prayer prayed with each one of her children, and for every quite evening alone with her husband while the kids are fast asleep.  She thanked God for revealing to her everyday that he chose her to be the mother to each one of those children and that He trusted her to do her very best.  Finally, she thanked Him for seeing past all her flaws, all her stains, and all her baggage to see the woman and mother that He created her to be.  Everyday she must give Him her very best and in turn her children will likewise receive the benefits of that commitment.  And so...the following morning this Momma woke up, put her big girl panties on, sneaked into her children's bedrooms, prayed over there precious sleeping heads and sounded the alarm folks.  And don't you know they woke up with a smile:-)
A little "diddy" I caught the kids playing with their music teacher. Sorry for the crazy videography, thats how I role:-)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Freedom's Not Free

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I have no words on this special day to addequately describe the level of thanks and appreciation I hold to all of those who have fought unyielding for the freedom my children and I are so very privileged to enjoy everyday of our life.  Let us not forget that freedom has never nor will ever come free!

     I was blown away by the words spoken by a man who I would have loved to have known.  Today, tomorrow, and everyday I say THANK YOU to all who have fought for this great nation.  If you know a man or woman who has fought for our country please post their name and a note of thanks under the  comments section.


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