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A Father's VOW and His COMMITMENT to Keep it

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I love you
 Dad and Max

     Today I have the privilege of writing about someone that affected my life in ways I could have never imagined possible.  The role a father plays in the life of a child is so very important, possibly the most influential of all relationships a child will experience from the age of birth to adulthood.  This relationship alone has the power to shape a child in a number of different ways.  Becoming a Father is so much more than holding that bundle of joy wrapped in blankets of blue or pink and thinking to yourself, I will love this child forever.  It is a vow, a commitment, two words I fear that have been watered down to a level of near extinction within our society today.  Fatherhood is a promise to actively and purposefully raise this child to be a honorable man or woman, fully equipped and prepared for life, with the ability to one day pass that same wisdom down to his or her own family.
Some of you may have read the blog post I wrote about my mother.  If you did you will know that I feel so very blessed and undeserving to have been born into the family that I was.  Why I was born into a family with two people that were both committed and loving and some are born into situations where they are not even wanted I will never fully understand or be able to explain.  The ways of this world are not always clear to me and when I witness kids who are suffering and hurting because of severe trauma that was present in their home I am deeply saddened and long for them to be comforted and healed from the depth of the wounds that plague them.  There is hurting that takes place all around us and will effect each and every one of us in some way throughout our life, but I hold on to the truths that have been revealed to me through the word of God, believing that what he has said is true and knowing that nothing…NOTHING… can separate me from the love of God.  If you are one of those precious souls that have been left with a hole in your heart from the lack of a father I want you to know that I love you and am praying for you right now as I type this sentence.  No matter what kind of hurt you have experienced in your life you can find healing, you can be renewed by the love of Christ and experience joy and peace that surpasses anything that this earth can provide.  You, my precious child, are NOT without a FATHER. 

He heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3)

It is with extreme joy and gladness that I share with you a small glimpse into the bond that I share with my father.  David Galloway, is a man of honor, integrity, and most importantly first and foremost a man of God.  He is a man that has honored his VOW before God and was and still is COMMITTED to his family.  I have so many wonderful memories of my Dad that I could fill this blog up for days, but since I do have four kids running around here somewhere I should probably keep it to my most favorite.  Dad, I honor you today, for the father that you were and the father that you still are.  You filled my life with so many smiles and for that I am so very thankful.
Don't be mad Dad, I couldn't resist.  Note: his face would NOT look like this during BAMA football!

One of my earliest memories revolved around football, a staple in the Galloway house.  We have always loved Alabama Football in our family and every Saturday in the fall that is what we were doing, watching football.  I can remember sitting on my Dad’s lap all dressed from head to toe in Alabama apparel.  I sat on one leg and on the other was a bag of Golden Flake potato chips, a habit that I unfortunately have taken on as well.  I can remember with every play his body would stiffen up, kind of like when your roller coaster is just about to peak over the top of that death-defying hill.  Then as long as everything turned out ok he’d ease up again.  Although, I was very young at the time, I knew when things weren’t looking good for the BAMA team.  He would remove me from his lap and start pacing the floor like a man waiting for his child to be born.  Every now and then you would see a smile from the corner of his mouth, but would never claim victory until every second had run from the clock.  I did not however inherit that characteristic; sometimes my mouth gets me in a slew of trouble when it comes to football.  Thank you Dad for the tradition of family footballJ

    My Dad was blessed with three daughters and no sons so when it came to yard work there had to be someone there to lend a hand.  I'm not real sure how it began or why that someone was me, I just remember loving to work in the yard with my Dad.  Looking back I'm pretty sure that it wasn't the actual work that I loved so much, but it was the conversations that we had while doing it.  He always had a way of making me feel so valuable and still does to this day.  The best part about our "working days" was that we always finished it up with a meal of tuna fish and crackers with just a dab of "Texas Pete."  I still love that meal and every time I share it with my kids I think of my Dad.  Who would have thought that shoveling mulch and eating tuna would bring such joy to my heart.  Thank you Dad for putting a shovel in my hand.
PaPa G and my Laela

This may be hard for some of you who know me to believe, but as a child I was not a fan of shopping.  We would go on family shopping trips and my mom and two older sisters would hit it running while my Dad and I would sit on the bench outside and "people watch," or play the "penny game" where he would hide the penny in one of his hands and I had to guess which one it was.  We shared lots of laughs on those trips.  Somewhere along the way I did, however, eventually take on my role as a fashionista and with all four women on the move Dad figured he better step up to the plate.  On occasions Dad would take each daughter shopping by themselves and this was the best.  See, normally Mom was on shopping patrol, and since she had three girls to buy for always was very cautious of sales and bargains, which no doubt she passed on to me, but Dad on the other hand, OBLIVIOUS!  If Dad saw an outfit on a mannequin that he liked he would insist that you try every piece on and if he liked it, you got the whole thing, accessories included.  A little girls dream.  I'll never forget one Mother's Day he took me shopping to pick out something for Mom and he saw this outfit on display.  The mannequin had on two turtle necks with this particular outfit, more than likely just to advertise how it would look with each color, but Dad insisted that we buy both turtle necks and I really think expected her to wear them the same time.  He's still a mannequin shopper today, we love you for that Dad.  There is something about a father taking interest in what his daughter wears that speaks volumes.  It was understood in our family that we were to dress modestly.  At the time I remember thinking they were the weirdest parents in the world.  We would even have to get our Dad's approval of our swimsuit every summer, ridiculous, right??  This drove my sister's and I crazy, but now that I am older, it gives me comfort in knowing that my Dad cared enough about me to "care."  Thank you Dad for caring how short my skirt was! 
Coach Galloway

My Dad was not only my Dad, he was My COACH.  He always coached my softball team growing up and because of this we shared many rides in "the yellow bug."  My dad always had a love for "beetle bugs" as we called them and when I was in about fourth grade he decided to by him an "Ole yellow bug."  I hope you are not picturing the VW style of todays bug, if so you would be incorrect.  This jewel was a pale yellow, rusted around the edges, a stick shift a foot long with black accordion rubber wrapped around the base.  I searched everywhere for a picture of this car and I am so very sad that I have come up empty.  This car was filled with character and if only the walls could talk.  We rode to and from every practice and game in the "bug."  I can still smell the musty scent of a baseball glove and feel the stickiness of the old leather as it felt beneath the sweaty ball pants that I was wearing. The hours spent behind the rusted dashboard of that car will forever be cherished.  Thank you Dad for coaching me, but most of all for all the rides in the "yellow bug."

There are so many stories that I really want to include in this blog like our adventures in fishing, camping trips, Sunday Morning breakfast, and how I use to tell my friends that my Dad was going to be the President of The United States (I still believe that you know!!) but what I want more than anything is for you Dad to know how truly thankful I am that above anything else you were a man who loved the Lord with all of your heart.  I watched you for 20 years honor God in a way that spoke so loudly to me that it forever impressed upon me the importance in searching for a Godly husband.  I watched you honor, respect, and lead my mother in a way that taught me to look for a man that would be the head of my family.  I watched you get up at the break of dawn to provide so that you could be home by dinner in a way that taught me to look for a man that was not lazy.  I watched you bring people in our home time and time again to share the gospel with them teaching me to look for a main who had a heart for ministry.  Your example, more than all the laughs, smiles, good times, great shopping trips, or championship trophy's has affected me and shaped me into the woman that I am.
About to head down the aisle

On June 23, 2001 you married off your first daughter as well as your baby daughter.  That daughter was me.  I will never forget the walk we made down that aisle.  With every step I was remembering all the little things along the way that you did to prepare me for this day.  I still remember how it felt having my arm wrapped around yours and thinking to myself that this is the last time I was going to be just "your little girl."  I remember seeing the tear in the corner of your eye as we first stepped into the sanctuary and wondering if you were going to make it through.  I remember you squeezing my arm gently over and over as we walked down the aisle, your way of telling me over and over that you loved me.  Then I will never forget as we made that last turn down, what seemed to be the longest aisle, looking up and seeing the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  It was at that point that I realized that you had given me the greatest gift a daughter could ever hope for.  You see my whole life I compared everyone that I dated to you and it seemed that not a one could hold a candle to David Galloway, until I met Zach Dasher.  The gift of your example lead me to find a man that could never fill "your" shoes, but that had a pretty good pair of his own.  Thank you Dad for teaching me to look for a man that would honor, respect, and lead me and our family to heaven.  
Seeing Zach for the first time

David Galloway, you are a man of integrity, you are a man of honor, you are a man of dignity and strength and I thank you for being my hero.  I thank you for being my Father, the one who protected me, trained me, and taught me to look for the good in others, you showed me what it meant to serve, you practiced what you preached, and you always followed through with the task at hand.  Thank you for being MY DAD.  Thank you for keeping your VOW and for being fully COMMITTED to your family.  I'm just about certain that you will be The President of The United States of America one of these days, I hear we're in need of a man with true conviction.  Happy Father's Day!  

Love Always and forever



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