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A Mommy Who Was There

“Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:  “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”  Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.  Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”
Prov 31:28-31
Bear Louie Dasher born in 2008

            I truly believe that “motherhood” is one of the greatest blessings a woman can receive on this earth.  On so many levels it calls you to a standard you never knew existed inside of you.  Once that precious child all wrapped in blankets of white, blue, and pink is placed in your arms, smelling of that sweet scent of a child, with eyes that still have a watery glaze and hands curled into tight fists unsure of his new home is placed in your arms you are instantly overwhelmed by a feeling that no one can put into words.  This feeling is one that will stick with you the rest of your life.  This feeling is what causes you to burst into tears moments after you leave the hospital with that newness of life, so sure that you somehow are going to mess this little one up.  This feeling is the same one that will also keep you pacing the floor when you allow them to pull out of the driveway for the very first time by themselves and will keep you up all night whenever they are on their first date.  You will forever be this child’s MOM. 

I also am aware that we do not live in a perfect world where everyone lives cookie cutter lives and wakes up everyday to a mother that has made it her life’s goal to raise her children up in the Lord.  I know there are many of you, some reading this post today, who have terrible memories of your mother and live with the scars of your past.  You live with the fear of repeating the cycle that has been laid out before you.  For those of you whom I just described, I have no words to ease the pain that you may have felt or are feeling, but I do know that you can overcome those fears and hurts through the power and healing of a life devoted to Jesus Christ.  Not that all those memories can be erased, but that you can find a way to heal and forgive and be the mother for your children that you were intended to be. 

For all of you today who may be feeling the void of an absent mother, I share with you one of my greatest blessings, my mother, Julie Galloway.   Throughout the rest of this post you are going to hear about a woman that was and still is devoted to God first and her family second.  Perfect, no, not a one of us is, but perfectly devoted with God as her lead.

Julie Galloway
My Mom and I at my bridal shower

My mom was and is PRESENT.  She was always there.  Every track meet, cheerleading competition, softball game, recital, you name it she was there.  This always meant a lot to me, but what meant even more, although I am just realizing it now that I have my own kids were the ordinary times in life that she was present.   She was there when I came home from school, usually with an afternoon snack.  When I got sick at school, she was there, and oh how great it was to be sick in our house.  I have such fun memories of being at home “sick” where momma would first make us a comfy pallet on the couch, then she would bring in the holly hobbie tv tray that was sure to have crushed ice with ginger-ale and homemade egg drop soup.  I’ll never forget when I got my wisdom teeth out.  We were in the middle of moving, with moving workers loading up trucks and packing up dishes and there I sat in the recliner, the only piece of furniture left in the house.  Swollen cheeks and all, but Momma made sure I was taken care of.  I was 18 at that time, so maybe I was a little spoiled, but it’s a great memory.  I smile every time my kids are sick and they ask for the “cars” or “princess” tv tray.  It’s so fun to pass down those traditions.  I have a theory, call it what you want, I’m no child specialist, but I believe “quality time” is for the birds and “quantity time” is the ticket.  We can spend large amounts of money on extravagant vacations or buy their affection through material possessions, but money can never buy your time.  My mom was always around, a comfort that cannot be replaced. 
My Gorgeous Mother and niece Ruby Julia (named after my Mom)

My mom is FUN.  She was the queen of the trampoline and it would always amaze me to see her flip and flop all over the place.  My friends would come over just to see her do tricks on the trampoline, ha.  She made the most of every opportunity.  If it was snowing, we were going to be out in it, and she would usually stay out longer than any of us.  If there was snow, there was a snowman at the Galloway house.  Not just your average snowman, no, that’s not Julie’s style, it would be the best snowman on the block.  Once she even made a snow “Winnie the pooh” with the grandkids and used food coloring to make him orange and red.  When we went to the beach you wouldn’t find my mom laying out soaking in the rays, nope, she would be building a sand sculpture extravaganza!  Some of her most memorable sand sculptures would be the “Alabama Elephant,” “the Little Mermaid,” and of coarse, her favorite, “Mickey Mouse.”  The best part is we were all allowed to help. Never was she too concerned with a little imperfection here or there, it was about the memories.  Some of my most favorite memories of my mother involve “Alabama Football,” a staple in our home.  Every Saturday during football season our house was a sea of red and white.  We had a tradition that we had to put on our Alabama shirts first thing in the morning and wear them all day.  It wouldn’t matter if we were down by 20 and my Dad and sisters and I were pacing the floor talking about how terrible they were, she was the voice in the corner “think positive guys, they can do it! Don’t be so negative, good grief,” she would say. 
Can you say Awkward stage.  Yes I look like a boy, but this was game day at our house!!:-)

and that would be how Julie Galloway makes a snowman...Roll Tide!!
and there she goes again:-)
My mom is a submissive and loving Wife.  Having a mother that supports her husband and allows him to lead their household proved to be a tremendous gift to me once I became a wife myself.  I never, not even one time, have heard my mother belittle my Dad in front of anyone or myself.  We moved around quite a lot growing up due to my Dad’s job and every time the words came up “I’ve been transferred” there she stood, sometimes fighting back tears, but ready and willing to do what needed to be done.  Her and my Dad have a love that is unwavering.  Having parents that truly love each other is a very precious gift that I do not take lightly. 
David and Julie Galloway in Love
 My mom is a GOD FEARING woman and a SERVANT.  My mother was not a fan of Jesus, casually claiming to be a Christian, when it was convenient.   She was a FOLLOWER through and through.  I never realized growing up how this would impact my life, but it did in a tremendous way.  I never saw my mother make compromises when it came to her faith, even though at times as a child I so desperately wished she would have.  My mother was never the mom that followed the crowd or did things because everyone else was doing them.  Even with her meek and quiet spirit she was a leader.  This was not always a popular thing and at times was maybe “left out” because of her faith, but that is just who she was.  I admire that so much in her now that I am a mother, because standing for truth is not always the most popular choice and at times when I might be tempted to “follow the crowd” I am reminded of her and the respect that she now holds in my eyes for living a holy life.  The way in which I was able to see my Mother serve others on countless occasions also impacted me in my adult life.  Never did she grumble or expect something in return, she served with her whole heart.  I cannot count how many times I watched her prepare a meal for someone sick or to care for a family in need.  Her selflessness quite frequently reminded me of my need to be less self focused. 
Sharing a laugh before my big moment:-)

Mom looking at Dad with adoring eyes even still:-)
 My mother was not perfect even though I might tend to think she was, but she did and still today does keep “THE MAIN THING,” “THE MAIN THING.” That “MAIN THING” was that God is the most important! More important than success, more important than her own accomplishments, more important than money or things, more important than the quest for beauty and “image,” more important than popularity or being the “cool mom.”  She stood for TRUTH, FAITH, and LOVE and lived her life everyday to glorify God.  This I know to be true and this is why I am honoring her today and thanking her for teaching me what it means to be a Godly mother.   I love you MOM!  Happy Mother's Day!

Please share a story about your Mom or thoughts on the kind of Mother that you hope to be someday.

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  1. This post is so sweet and I'm also honored to know your "momma." I hope you yourself had a wonderful mother's day and realize what a wonderful example you are to others and your kids as well!


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