Friday, April 27, 2012


WELCOME TO MY FIRST FASHION FIND FRIDAY! I hope to post a new fashion find on the final Friday of every month!  Let me start by sending out a warning to all readers: I do not in any way claim to be a TREND finder or promoter.  This does not mean that I will not promote things that are trendy, but it does mean that I will choose my finds based on the fact that I think they are great, not because they are trendy. Get it?  The way I choose to dress and the way I advise others to as well is not always in tune with the styles that are covering the latest magazines, but rather based on how you feel when your wearing an item or certain style.  I have never really followed the rules of style that are put into place by some unknown force.  Rules like no white in winter, which now they say is OK.  Who is they?? Can someone tell me that?  So the way I see it YOU are THEY.  YOU are the one who gets to decide what kind of style that you feel good in.  I believe true style is the way you carry yourself, not what it is that you are wearing.  If you feel good and comfortable then that is the vibe you will portray.  So there is my little disclaimer.  Just maybe some of my favorite finds will be your favorite finds too!
That being said I LOVE BOOTS!!! BOOTS, BOOTS, and more BOOTS!  I wear them all year long; rain, shine, hot, or cold.  Boots make me happy! Yes I know that it is spring, but don’t you know that April showers bring May flowers and what better way to prepare for those showers than a really good pair of rain boots.  My fashion find this week is found at a place familiar to us all.  Sometimes this place is the thorn in our side, but every now and again Wal-Mart comes through for a girl like me.  Today they did and I purchased the pair of rain boots you will see at the bottom of this post for a whopping $14.  Why yes I do have two other pairs of rain boots, those you see pictured above, but for $14 I can complete my collection.  The black ones are my neutral pair that can be worn with anything, anytime, anywhere.  I also bought these from Wal-Mart about three months ago for $18. I have worn them with shorts, skinny jeans, and even pajama pants, (when I’m walking to the mailbox.)  My navy Sperry rain boots were purchased at TJMaxx and they have a wedge heel, which is perfect for a 5’2” kinda girl like myself.  These are great for when I need to look a little dressier, but still want to feel comfortable.  So why you ask do I need the yellow ones? I don’t need them, but they’re just sooo cute!!! 
Moral of this story, rain boots come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and most importantly PRICES.  Save your money.  Go the cheap route and use your extra money to buy some really cute knee socks to wear with them.  Let the sock stick out just above the top of the boot.  It’ll make you smile!!    

If you have a fabulous fashion find that you would like to share or a really great pair of rain boots please comment and share with us allJ

  Women's Colorblock Lace-Up Rain Boots  (click hear and the link should appear, ha, that rymes)

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